MassGOP Seeing High Energy in the Fight for Freedom

In a letter to Republican State Committee members today, Chairman Jim Lyons wrote, “The energy level is as high as anytime in my memory. The message we can all agree on is that we must support our candidates and defeat the Radical Left. This is a fight for our freedom. I will work tirelessly to elect Republicans and I urge each and every one of you to get up off the couch and encourage your friends and family to get into the arena.”

Lyons is keen on leading Republican candidates to victory on Election Day through winning seats to municipal and legislative office. The MassGOP has been holding trainings throughout the state. Forty more are in the planning stages.

First Middlesex Republican State Committeewoman Kathy Lynch, who spoke on the panel at the first two trainings, said, “I am thrilled to see such enthusiasm in Massachusetts. That’s what happens when tyrants are in charge. People wake up and ask how they can change things for the better.”

Lynch was referring to the unbalanced situation in the Massachusetts legislature, where Democrats overwhelmingly outnumber Republicans, as well as the massive power grab through COVID “emergency powers.” Mask, vaccine, and now vaccine passport mandates are striking a nerve with freedom-loving people who see no need to succumb to coercion over a virus with a 99.97% recovery rate.

Second Suffolk and Middlesex Republican State Committeewoman Debby Dugan said, “A lopsided legislature is a danger to our Constitutional Republic. Liberty-minded people need to get involved. We need to get back to everyday citizens forming our Republic – not out-of-touch career politicians. We need to take back our nation, and it starts on the local level.”

If you want to get go to a candidate training, now is the time because people are pulling papers for municipal seats right now. Contact the Westford Republican Town Committee or the MassGOP with your interest.

“The future of America is at stake. Freedom Matters!” wrote Lyons.

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