General Electric Announcement



January 13, 2016

Terry MacCormack

MassGOP Statement On General Electric Announcement

BOSTON — Today, the Baker Administration announced that General Electric plans to move its world headquarters to Boston, a move that will bring hundreds of high-paying jobs and exciting new economic development opportunities to Massachusetts. MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement praising the Baker Administration for these developments:

“Governor Baker and his administration have started to build a pro-growth, competitive environment for Massachusetts, and General Electric’s decision to move its world headquarters to Boston is a result of that work. Tax-and-spend Democrats in the Legislature should recognize that the environment of high taxes and heavy regulations created by Connecticut’s Democratic governor is a road to job loss. The Commonwealth is lucky to have a Republican governor who values this kind of innovative business investment that will lead to long-term economic growth.”

General Electric announced today that it plans to move its world headquarters to Massachusetts. “It’s a major victory for Governor Charlie Baker and Mayor Martin J. Walsh, whose aides worked closely together for several months to lure GE to a city that has seen many of its biggest companies swallowed up by out-of-town buyers, and a state that has labored hard to shed the ‘Taxachusetts’ label pinned on it during the 1970s. (Jon Chesto, “GE confirms it’s heading to Boston,” Boston Globe, 1/13/16)
General Electric sought to leave Connecticut after repeated tax hikes.“General Electric, one of the world’s largest companies, has dropped a bombshell on its home state of Connecticut: It’s looking to relocate to another state. As part of an attempt to plug a deficit, Connecticut lawmakers decided in June that its corporate citizens weren’t doing their part. So they proposed levying $700 million in new business taxes on them. GE responded by saying it would consider leaving Connecticut.” (Harriet Jones, “General Electric Looks To Leave Connecticut,” WBUR, 10/1/2015)
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