Chelmsford Selectman Askenburg not seeking re-election

By Robert Mills,

CHELMSFORD — Selectman Janet Askenburg announced Tuesday night that she will not seek re-election next year because the travel requirements of her job will leave her with too little time to dedicate to town business.

Askenburg is serving her first term on the board after being elected in 2013. She previously served on the School Committee and Economic Development Committee.

She said she made the decision after learning that her travel schedule at her job will be even heavier next year, leaving her with what she considers to be too little time to dedicate to town business.

“I take everything I do very seriously and if I don’t feel like I can give it the proper amount of time that’s required, then I don’t think it’s fair to my fellow board members or the town if I’m not able to dedicate all the time needed for the job,” Askenburg said.

Askenburg said she will nevertheless remain active around town and in town politics, and that she plans to run for elected office again once her schedule allows.

“I don’t feel like I’m walking,” she said. “I’ll certainly be back in the near future.”

Nomination papers for Askenburg’s seat and others are available at the Town Clerk’s office after Jan. 1. The town election is Tuesday, April 1.

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