Galvin Is Best Hope For A Better GOP State Committee

This March 1st, we Massachusetts Republicans will vote for our choices in the Presidential primary and then the national campaign will roll out of here, on to its eventual conclusion. Normally little noticed is the selection seen at the bottom of the ballot slip for the GOP State committeeman in the 1st Middlesex District (Westford, Tyngsboro, Pepperell, Lowell, Groton, Dunstable). However this year the selection may be more critical than ever. The State Committee, as the overarching effort to build the base and still illuminate Republican values, needs experienced and campaign tested leaders.

The clear choice is Dennis Galvin, a proven and dynamic leader who has stood for Republican Party values when no one else would stand up to what seemed insurmountable odds. Dennis has a background that uncontestably makes him the best candidate for the State Committee. Over 25 years of successful Public and Private service in Massachusetts, Community service leader in critical youth development activities, Three term Town Planning Board Member, Republican Town Committee member and twice the GOP Standard bearer in the 2nd Middlesex Massachusetts House race are but a few of his documented credentials. Dennis has lead the growth of the GOP in this district because he pays attention to details, has a commitment to the strategic vision of the GOP and is able to engage a wide range of potential members and voters, regardless of age, cultural perspective or town/city location. He does this by actually listening to the public and then works under his most notable quote “Common sense should be our common virtue”.

As a member of a Republican Town committee for over 15 years and a past State Committeeman, I believe we must have Dennis as our first choice in this election. His support of the Party philosophy is strong and well documented through his years of Editorial submissions. Having stood for principle in tough elections, he is independent of any potential pressure to conform for political expediency sake, and lastly, in my opinion, is the caliber of Committeeman that will deeply concern the Democratic Party of Massachusetts.

So if you will pardon the pun, I hope my endorsement will “Galvanize” you to vote for Dennis on March 1st. Regardless of your Presidential selection, voting for Dennis will give you an early victory to celebrate.


Wade Fox

McGaha and Galvin support elected delegates

Marty Lamb explains why elected delegates are important to Republicans in his letter to RedMassGroup. Like Lamb, McGaha and Galvin are strong supporters of elected delegates and worked tirelessly in Middlesex County to “Tank the Gas Tax.”


Lamb for State Committee

February 16, 2016 Marty Lamb 617-513-4368


Holliston, MA …Today Marty Lamb, candidate for Republican State Committee, announced that he supports electing delegates to the national convention via caucuses. His opponent voted to take away that right and have delegates appointed.

“I would never take away the people’s right to vote. I believe that it is important to elect delegates to the national convention via caucuses. We need to keep the process open,” said Lamb.

Last year the 80 members of the Republican State Committee voted on an effort to end caucuses to elect delegates to the national convention and have delegates appointed. During the previous caucus selections, leaders of the party tried to overturn the results of the caucus because they felt the right people were not elected. To keep tight control of the delegate selection, an effort to stop the caucuses was attempted, and fortunately, failed.

“As a member of the State Committee, I will work to open up the process. I will always support the will of the people not the insiders,” said Lamb. “My only allegiance will be to the people. We don’t want any backroom deals. Just look at what is happening on the Democrat side. Last week, Hillary Clinton lost New Hampshire, but they are giving her the super delegates. Let’s keep the system honest.”

Lamb is promising to be a State Committeeman for the people. He has the proven track record. In 2014 he was the co-chairman of the successful effort to repeal automatic gas tax hikes which is saving taxpayers $2 billion. He organized the all-volunteer effort to get 146,000 signatures to out the initiative on the ballot. It was one of only 3 ballot questions nationwide to use only volunteers.

Lamb was also a leader in the successful effort to prohibit tax dollars for the Olympics. Due to Lamb’s willingness to step forward again, the plans for the Boston Olympics were dropped saving taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.

Lamb is endorsed by State Representative Geoff Diehl, Celeste Wilson, the former President of the Massachusetts Federation of Republican Women, and so many more grassroots activists.

Republican State Committee members are elected in March during the presidential primary. There are 2 members elected from each Senatorial district for the 80 member board that governs the GOP within Massachusetts.


Galvin for State Committeeman

Dennis Galvin’s campaign kick-off announcement on January 13, 2016, filmed by Westford Cable Access TV:

Dennis Galvin’s guest spot (appeared with Jordan Gys) on The Morning Show on WCAP (live and recorded on Jan. 28, 2016):

Dennis Galvin’s appearance on “The Current Buzz” on Chelmsford Cable Access TV:


McGaha and Galvin for 1st Middlesex Republican State Committee


The Lowell Sun

UPDATED:   02/04/2016 06:38:22 AM EST

On March 1, voters across the state will participate in the presidential primary, selecting the best candidate to represent their party in the 2016 election.

The ballot will also ask party voters to choose their representative to the state committees and local party leaders. State and local representatives play an important role in forming the party’s platform, recruiting and supporting party candidates and challenging the opposition’s viewpoint.

The Westford Republican Town Committee unanimously endorses Georjann McGaha and Dennis Galvin for State Committee, 1st Middlesex Senate District representatives. The 1st Middlesex Senatorial District includes Lowell, Tyngsboro, Westford, Groton, Pepperell and Dunstable. One man and one woman are elected for a four-year term.

IMG_2653 (2)images-5

McGaha and Galvin are strongly supported because of their knowledge and experience in the political process and fidelity to Republican principles. Both are lifelong Republicans and longtime members of the Westford Republican Town Committee. As active members of the Republican Party, McGaha and Galvin have served as delegates to the Republican National Convention representing Massachusetts.

McGaha and Galvin are highly qualified leaders. McGaha has been the president of Middlesex Republican Women and Massachusetts Republican Assemblies 3rd Congressional District. Organizing volunteers, McGaha spearheaded successful signature collection drives to oppose the gas tax and Common Core.

Galvin has served on the Westford Planning Board and twice run for state representative. Galvin’s position papers on 2nd Amendment rights and recreational marijuana have spurred the community to action.

Registered Republicans and unenrolled voters may select a Republican ballot in the primary. Those registered to the Democratic or Independent parties have until Feb. 10 to change enrollment status to pull a Republican ballot.

The Westford Republican Town Committee urges voters to participate in the March 1election and vote for McGaha and Galvin.


Westford Republican Town Committee


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Galvin promises an aggressive campaign

By Christopher Scott,

UPDATED:   01/19/2016 07:33:37 AM EST


Dennis Galvin, left, with the state s top Republican, Gov. Charlie Baker. COURTESY PHOTO

Dennis Galvin, left, with the state s top Republican, Gov. Charlie Baker. COURTESY PHOTO

WESTFORD — Dennis Galvin, a well-known Republican and long-time Westford Planning Board member, is promising an “aggressive and insightful” campaign for Republican State Committee from the 1st Middlesex District, a campaign that’s shaping up as a city vs. the suburbs contest.

“We are facing serious threats to our security, prosperity and freedom,” Galvin said. “Courageous and competent leadership must be brought forward in order to successfully meet the challenges facing us.

“The Massachusetts Republican State Committee is the governing board of the state Republican Party,” said Galvin. “It is responsible for developing this leadership. It has been in failure mode for the past 40 years. The time has come for this committee to move the party forward. The citizens of this state need an alternative to the bloated, ineffective and unresponsive power structure on Beacon Hill.”

Galvin officially announced his candidacy Wednesday morning on the Westford Town Common.

The district is currently represented by Richard Green, of Lowell, and Susan Slade, of Groton. Neither is seeking re-election.

Besides Galvin, the field includes Jordan Gys, who unsuccessfully ran for Lowell City Council last fall; Georjann McGaha, of Lowell; and state Rep. Sheila Harrington, of Groton.

The election is March 1, the same day as the presidential primary. One man and one woman get elected. McGaha was scheduled to officially announce her candidacy during a gathering of local Republicans Thursday night in Lowell.

Besides Groton, Lowell and Westford, communities in the district are Dunstable, Pepperell and Tyngsboro.

A retired Massachusetts State Police officer, Galvin ran for Westford state representative in 2004 and again in 2014. Listening to Galvin explain why he’s running, it’s pretty clear he’s not happy with the state GOP.

He said: “The Republican State Committee must assert its leadership role in the party. Personal vendettas and factionalism must end. The committee must focus the party on its mission, which is to provide rigorous oversight over state government services, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. It must also offer solutions to the problems we face, that minimize the burden on the taxpayer and facilitate economic growth, which is the answer to most of our problems. As Republicans, we must become more articulate in stating our positions, more persistent in fundraising, relentless in registering Republican voters and remain united with one focus, which is to win the hearts and minds of the voters of this state.”

Cliff Krieger, a member of Lowell’s License Commission and one of the city’s more vocal Republicans, is excited about the race and reminds everyone to vote on March 1. He has this reminder for district Republicans: “The election on 1 March is not just about the Presidential Primaries. It is also about electing our party committee persons for the Republican and Democrat Parties.”

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Greetings all,
I am forwarding this message to you to let you know that I am officially a candidate for the Republican State Committee.  I have attached a one page flyer explaining my reasons for running and what my vision is for the Republican Party in Massachusetts.  
The election will be held on the date of the Presidential Primary which is March 1, 2016.  Any person who is registered as a Republican or is unenrolled and chooses to vote in the Republican primary can vote for me.
I hope you will give me your vote and your support
Thank you
Dennis J. Galvin
Committee To Elect Dennis Galvin
P.O.Box 482
Westford MA   01886





images-5  by Dennis J. Galvin

Since September 11, 2001, most Americans have regarded Islam with a mixture of fear, confusion and reservation. Yet, they have been willing to accept the explanations of their political leaders and some Muslim spokesman, that Islam promotes tolerance and peace. Those committing brutal acts of terror in its name represent a small fringe. This narrative has been shaken somewhat with the rise of ISIS and the brutal carnage in Paris.

Questions have arisen as to whether Islam can coexist with American society. These questions have a historical parallel.   For most of this nation’s history, there was deep distrust of Roman Catholics. Non Catholics feared that allegiance to the Pope in Rome would supersede allegiance to the nation, and its constitution. It took the sacrifices of millions of Catholic Americans, through two world wars, and the unequivocal affirmation of national loyalty by presidential candidate John F. Kennedy in 1960, to put concerns over Catholicism to rest.

A culture of liberty necessarily demands adherence to five basic values, to ensure the universal exercise of freedom.   The first is individuality. Beliefs must allow for the recognition, that those not part of one’s particular ethnic, social or religious group, are human beings deserving of dignity and respect. The second is cooperation. Beliefs must allow for positive interaction with those outside of one’s group, particularly in the economic aspects of American life. The third value is freedom. Beliefs must embrace the notion that all people are free agents, capable of learning, changing and growing, not bound by their environment, traditions or genetics with the right to choose their own destiny. The fourth value is restraint. This value holds that there are limits to the punitive things one human being can do to another, no matter the provocation, and that the heart of justice lies in due process. Finally, there is the value of integrity, which requires that people represent themselves truthfully and not deceive; that they remain open to questions about how they act and what they believe.   While it is true individual Americans have not always lived up to these values, all five are indispensable to our continued existence as a free nation.

Islam represents a new cultural in the United States. It is undergoing its test against these five values. However, as the events in the Middle East and Europe intensify, we will all find ourselves tested against them. We must all pass because failure means a calamity of apocalyptic proportions.



Fourteen years have passed since the worst terror attack on our soil. Three thousand people, including hundreds of firefighters and police officers died on September 11, 2001. What have we, as a nation, learned from the sorrow and suffering of that day ?

We certainly haven’t learned anything about security! A fundamental principle is to secure your perimeter (e.g. protect your borders). After fourteen years nothing has been done to secure our southern border. Drugs, criminals and potential terrorist, hidden among a mass of poor and desperate migrants, pass undetected into our homeland every day. Another principle is access control. Instituting and adhering to measures that will ensure that only “suitable” persons enter our borders has also not materialized.   Instead, our immigration regulations go unenforced, and despite the recommendations of the 9/11 commission, an adequately vetted “real identification” system for the nation has never been implemented.

Threat elimination is another fundamental concept. It means taking the fight to our enemies. We began to achieve this in Iraq and Afghanistan until 2009. President Obama pulled the pin on any initiatives by US troops to root out terrorist elements in those nations. Consequently, the Taliban has returned to Afghanistan, and a gang of cutthroats, known as ISIS, have emerged in the heart of the Middle East. Their stated goal is to destroy Israel first and then the United States.   Their policy of terror is now destabilizing Europe as hundreds of thousands of refugees flee their brutality in Syria, and are now overwhelming Europe.

These failures can be attributed to a political school of thought, epitomized by President Obama, which views America as the problem not the solution for the world. Consequently, the Obama administration’s approach to the global threats we face is tentative and at times derelict. His approach has been inappropriate, ineffective and prone toward disaster. Obama caters to the “hard left’ , whose world view has been historically marked by its disregard of the realities of the military balance of power and its influence on both our national security and foreign policy.. The chaos playing out in the Middle east and around the Mediterranean is the end product of this. If this doesn’t change, we will find ourselves facing another September 11th and soon .

Black Lives White Lives

images-5  by Dennis Galvin

African American communities are experiencing escalating levels of violence, resulting in a racially disproportionate murder rate in Massachusetts. Some allege these deaths are part of a program of police “genocide”, but the fact is, that overwhelmingly, the killers of young African American men are other young African American men. Some of the violence is “gang related”. Some appears to be related to personal vendettas. One valid criticism, that has been raised, is whether society’s response to the carnage has been commensurate across racial lines.

Between 1961 and 1967 Boston experienced a brutal gang war. Those involved were all white and predominantly Irish. Gangs in Charlestown and Somerville shot it out over an insult to someone’s girlfriend. When the feud ended sixty five young men lay dead.

Society’s response to today’s urban violence, when compared to the reaction that occurred 50 years ago to the “Irish Gang War” supports the claim that the responses is disparate.  The hue and cry against the gang violence of the sixties led to the formation of a “state crime commission”, a legislative body that essentially wielded grand jury power. The commission subpoenaed witness, and took testimony under pains of perjury. Those connected to the shootings were hauled before the commission and gave valuable testimony. The true extent of organized crime in Massachusetts was revealed. The commission brought about the establishment of the Special Services Unit within the State Police, which effectively used electronic eavesdropping authority and asset forfeiture to combat organized criminal violence.   Ultimately, it was the US Attorney General Robert Kennedy’s who targeted organized crime and curtailed the wanton violence.

As the bodies fall in Roxbury and Mattapan, the lack of government action by both federal and state authorities, is conspicuous. No special grand jury has been convened to investigate this violence. State authorities do not appear to be actively assisting Boston with electronic eavesdropping, raids, and forfeitures to remove the financial incentives. It would appear that there is a difference between black lives and white lives, when it comes to murder and what society does about it. Until our society takes steps to ensure commensurate levels of protection and justice across racial lines, the national dream of an integrated society remains elusive. News

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