Every four years some candidates for State Committee seem to appear as a blip on our political radar only to sink out of sight – and resurface four years later. The current endorsement letter template going around reminds us that voters will select one man and one woman, in the First Middlesex district, to serve on the party’s state committee and that the Republican State committee is the governing board of the Massachusetts Republican Party etc, etc–. Sounds like inside baseball, and, if you have that impression, you would not be wrong. I share the sense of other Republicans that the State committee could be more visible and doing much more – especially in making the State Committee a resource for local grass roots efforts to build the party and recruit and elect candidates. Dennis Galvin can help turn this situation around for Dunstable, Groton, Lowell, Pepperell, Tyngsboro, and Westford Republicans. He has an outstanding record of service to his state, his town, and his party. A retired State Police Major who commanded the force’s Training and Arson Investigation units, he has also held high level security position in the public and private sectors. His town elected him to its Planning Board three times, and he now serves as Chairman. He has run competitive races against State Representative incumbents, knocked on doors for other Republican Candidates, collected signatures for Tank the Gas Tax and other ballot initiatives, and been an active member of his own Town Committee. These activities and accomplishments are a good match for what should be the Committee job description – and also say a lot about his energy, and ability to organize and motivate- in other words, his leadership. Dennis is one of those people who can get people to show up and pitch in. A big part of his leadership is his own example. No one will outwork him. Dennis will put these qualities to works as an on the job partner and resource for First District Republicans. He will not pull the Boston disappearing act. If you think your voice is not being heard by the Republican power structure, you can know that Dennis does not back down from establishment types. He will be the same fighter he was when he was Captain of the State Police Boxing Team. The Galvin campaign is more than a choice – it’s an opportunity.



Jay Gaffney

214 Third Street

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