Romney Attempts to Twist the Narrative on Ukraine


CNN has rolled out one of their favorite RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senators, Mitt Romney, to push a narrative that there are Republicans supporting Putin’s aggression. That is a lie.  In fact, Republicans have been among the most vociferous critics in opposition.  Former President Trump has called it “an assault on humanity”, Senator Rick Scott (R-SC) says the US “must stand up to Putin’s aggression”. Senator Ted Cruz called for shutting down Russia’s pipelines. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) criticized the Biden administration for being too slow in reacting to the Ukrainian situation. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) praised President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people for their courage.           

Putin’s actions actually define the fears and concerns of authentic Republicans, which is the abuse of government power to coerce, and in this case murder people, who desire a free society and are willing to push back against the demented few, who seek to impose insane agendas upon them. Putin stands more in line with “progressive” Democratic party leaders like disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, Governors Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Gavin Newsome of California, Thomas Wolfe of Pennsylvania and Mayor DeBlasio of New York, whose first answer to every emergency is to enhance their own political power through repression under the guise of crisis.              

Just north of us, another of their ilk has unveiled his iron fist, suppressing free protests by Canadian Truckers. Justin Trudeau has revealed his affinity for tyranny and his fundamental progressive disdain for working people.           

As far as Senator Mitt Romney is concerned, he has consistently taken his place with Liz Cheney, the Bush family, and the late John McCain, in representing the imperialist wing of the old Republican party, a branch that authentic Republicans are trying to saw off. That faction shares Putin’s impulse to ride tanks into territories, where they have no business to impose internationalist elitist agendas on people, who simply want to live in peace.           

The new Republican party, the reform Republican party, the authentic Republican party stands squarely on the side of the Ukrainians, who are people trying to care for their families. They hold a strong religious faith, and are willing to pay the high price for freedom.  All authentic Republicans support them in their struggle.  We must give them arms, impose painful sanctions on the aggressor and most importantly we must revive our own oil and gas production here in the US both to maintain our own freedom and to support our allies. The Green New deal now takes its place alongside the Russian Hoax investigation as another clear attempt to obstruct US influence in support of freedom around the world. The motives of those who have purveyed both hoaxes must be seriously examined.           

Romney has allowed himself to be used as a stooge once again. By now we have all learned that so-called progressives repeatedly succumb to one clear tendency, and that is projection – accusing your opponent of the very things that you are doing.  If Romney wants to throw treason around maybe he should look into the mirror. 

American Republicans stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, we share their hopes and aspirations.   They are working people who seek their own destiny and desire to cast off the yoke of elitist oppression.  They are us!

– Dennis Galvin, Republican State Committeeman

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