A Campaign That Defines and Will Defend the American Ideal       

Dean Train, a 46-year father of four and a well-known political figure in Fitchburg politics, threw his hat into the ring for the third Congressional District, challenging incumbent Laurie Trahan.   Before a crowd of over 150 supporters, who gathered at the British American Club in Fitchburg, the former State Senator promised to challenge and roll back many of the “Biden, Pelosi, Trahan” policies.            

Tran drew upon his experience as a Vietnamese refugee, who was forced to flee his native country in the face of Communist aggression, to express his deep faith and commitment to American ideals.  He described how his family had to sacrifice everything to come to the United States, but noted that once here, he was able to make a new start, become a contributing citizen, and raise his own family. He then introduced his wife and children, who stood by him during his address.  Tran made it clear his purpose in running was to preserve the opportunities that America offered him for the next generation to come.             

Tran targeted inflation as a top concern, noting that oil prices in the Fitchburg area were approaching $3.54 cents a gallon for gasoline, and 3.44 cents a gallon for home heating oil, stating that these prices were having disastrous effects on the American economy.  Relief is essential.  Medical freedom was his next priority. Tran pledged to defend and protect the right of individuals to control, what goes into their bodies, condemning the punitive polices of the “Biden-Pelosi-Trahan” administration, with regard to mask and vaccine mandates.  He said the mandates where hypocritical in the face of uncontrolled immigration at the Southern Border, stating that the failure to control the flow of migrants over that border was creating both public health and domestic security risks for the American people.  He pledged that he would help work to secure the border, and enforce national immigration policy, viewing these issues as national security imperatives.           

Turning his attention to the third congressional district, Tran pledged to remove pork from all federal infrastructure legislation, and he renewed a commitment to the redesign of route 2.  He condemned the police defund movement and pledged support for law enforcement, and all first responders to include: “police, fire, EMT’s and border patrol”.  He affirmed the parental right to control what their children are taught in school, pledging to defend that right.  He also made a passionate and emotional commitment to defend life as well.

Tran addressed a censure issued against him by the Democratically controlled state senate, calling it a politically motivated smear.  He said that he was denied due process, and never allowed to confront his accuser.  The complaint upon which the censure was issued was based upon anonymous hearsay.  He said that racism was the motivating factor behind action and its purpose was to flip his Republican state senate seat back to the Democrats, which happened in the next election when John Cronin edged him out by a very slim margin.  Tran reflected philosophically upon that outcome regarding it as an opportunity for bigger and better things. He said that it has allowed him the time to run for Congress.  His kickoff officially opens the 2022 election season in Massachusetts.  

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