MassGOP Executive Committee Passes Resolution Against Vaccine Passports

Chairman Jim Lyons leads the meeting of the Executive Committee.

The Massachusetts Republican Party Executive Committee met on the eve of November 30th, and passed a resolution 12-2 against vaccine passports. The two dissenters were National State Committeeman Ron Kaufman and newly-elected Vice Chairman Jay Fleitman.

The resolution was drafted quickly because of cover news on that day from The Boston Herald and the Jeff Kuhner radio show. Anthony Ventresca put forth the resolution under New Business.


Whereas, Vaccine Passports goes against our Traditional Republican values of Life, Liberty, and Inclusion.

Whereas, Vaccine Passports go against our Founding Principles of Live and Let Live.

Whereas, Vaccine Passports go against our Federal and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Constitutions.

Whereas, Vaccine Passports prohibit Rights of Freedom of Association and Freedom of Movement.

Whereas, Vaccine Passports are a symbol of when Big Government and Big Corporations team together, this leads to the textbook definition of Fascism which involves the COERCION of private citizens and companies to enforce government policies.    

Be it resolved, that the Massachusetts Republican State Committee vehemently opposes a Vaccine Passport, whether it is Involuntary, Voluntary, or otherwise.

Be it resolved, that once this resolution is passed, it is to be disseminated to the public forthwith via all forms of media.

Governor Baker announced, the next day, that he and Lt. Governor Karen Polito would not be seeking re-election which made health-freedom advocates explode with joy on social media.

An online petition that tells Governor Baker to Say NO to forced vaccines and passports can be found here:

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