Diehl Calls Baker a Turncoat re Vaxes, Taxes & Trump

Massachusetts Republican gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl made an appearance last Saturday afternoon before an enthusiastic crowd of supporters at Lowell’s American Legion hall on Westford Street.  The event was hosted by John MacDonald.  Diehl condemned the Governor for forcing people to chose between their jobs and forced vaccination, and he vowed if elected that he would rehire everyone, who was let go because of their refusal to be vaccinated.           

Diehl used the forced vaccination issue as one example of broad range of policies launched by Beacon Hill progressives and Republican Governor Charlie Baker, that are stripping away freedom and prosperity from the working people of this Commonwealth.   He told everyone in the crowd that the Democrats have forfeited their claim to be the party of working people, that banner is now being carried by the Mass Republican party.   Governor Baker was called out for his failure to stand strong on basic Republican principles. Diehl portrayed the Governor as nothing more than a schill for Beacon Hill progressives.           

Restoring the economy for working men and women was strongly emphasized by Diehl.  Stopping tax increases, restoring local businesses and blocking the TCI, which Diehl said would crush the working people of Massachusetts were prominent issues on Diehl’s agenda.   He reminded everyone of how much of a turncoat Governor Baker is,  when in 2014 he praised Diehl for his efforts on repealing the gas tax and now is the number one champion for the TCI tax.           

Diehl said he was very proud of his recent endorsement by former President Donald Trump and said that both he and Trump are on the way back.  There was also a hint by event organizer MacDonald that Trump may visit the bay state in open support of Diehl.    Remarks and questions from the crowd revealed much concern about the state of the nation’s economy and national security under the administration of President Joe Biden and the Progressives in Congress.           

Diehl urged everyone to get involved with their local Republican town and ward committees because they will chose the delegates to the state convention in 2022.  He said he wanted to make a strong showing at that convention.

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