Vernon Jones Electrifies Mass Republicans

Unleashes Scathing Attack Against Biden And Democrats

Former Georgia state representative and chief executive of DeKalb County Georgia, Vernon Jones, who publicly endorsed President Donald Trump at the 2020 Republican National Convention, came to Massachusetts today, to help raise money for the state GOP. Jones spoke before a crowd of 200 people, assembled at GOP Chairman Jim Lyon’s barn in Andover MA.He masterfully used humor and passion to bolster the state effort to grow the party.  

He opened his remarks by telling the crowd that his mother coached him on how to give a public address. He said that she told him to think about a woman’s skirt:  “a speech should be short, interesting, but cover all the important areas.”  Jones shared his background with the audience, telling them that he grew up in rural North Carolina, on a farm, in a house that is mother and father built. Raised by hard working parents, with a father who was a WWII veteran, and who served under General George Patton, Jones said that he was raised to be proud of his country, to believe in God, to work hard, get educated and to never let himself believe that he was a victim. 

He then took sharp aim at the Democratic Party stating that the party that he once had joined many years ago left him.    He said that he was always conservative and hard working but the liberals  moved it so far left that he no longer recognizes it.    He attacked critical race theory describing it as a program “designed to teach hate” to an entirely new generation.  Jones said: “liberalism has destroyed African Americans; its time for African Americans to destroy liberalism”.    He singled out the embrace of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood by the Democratics saying that she intended to exterminate the black race in America because she said that they were defective human beings.   Jones asked “ who are they kidding ?”  He added that many abortion clinics are situated in black communities.

Jones launched into an attack on President Joe Biden, whom he continuously referred to as “ Joe Crow Biden.”  He pointed out Biden’s links to former segregationist and Ku Kux Klan Grand Wizard Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia. Referencing a statement by Biden during the 2020 political campaign “ that if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black”;  Jones called it an example  of “pure bigotry”.  Black Lives Matter was next on the list, Jones said that the organization could care less about black lives,” adding that “ the only color they care about is green” referencing the money that the organization has been pulling in.

He then told Republicans that the party has to improve its efforts in two areas, if the nation is to reverse the trend of socialism. First, there must be a more effective outreach to the young. He said that a way has to be found to counter the political bullying that is going on in the schools, often led by teachers.  Second, Republicans must reach out to black voters and Jones pledged himself to that cause.  He said that Republicans have run out of “white conservative voters” and the black conservatives must be brought on board.   He noted that the number of black conservatives, who are rejecting the pandering and race bating of the Democratic party is increasing daily and will be a factor in the next national election.  Trump’s critical question to black Americans “what have you got to lose?”  is resonating with many, who are recognizing that the Republican party. as the party of Abraham Lincoln, is the party of freedom, and that it is time to for them to come home.

– Dennis Galvin

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