A Battle for Massachusetts Is Now Underway

Support Republican Reformers Struggling To Keep The Flame Of Liberty Alive

           If John Adams were alive today, he would find himself in despair over what has become of his cherished and beloved Commonwealth.   Ambitious politicians, he anticipated; but self-serving political racketeers were the one thing he feared.   It is they, who have taken over the Bay State, and it is they, who are working to extinguish the flame of liberty and democracy for all time.  If they have their way, our children and grandchildren will never understand, let alone share the pride, the hope and the aspirations of being an American, things that most of us took for granted growing up. The last thin line of defense are 39 members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, who are resolved to defend America’s fundamental principles in this Commonwealth, in the face of entrenched, hostile and aggressive political interests seeking to push them over a political cliff.

           It is a well-known fact, that the state’s monolithic Democratic party gained its hegemony over the people through corruption.  Handing out jobs, state contracts, state benefits and terrorizing businesses through selective regulatory action have been their mode of operation for over 50 years.  They have persistently practiced systemic corruption, which has damaged our state’s culture, character and reputation.   Corruption like cancer spreads.  It has now seeped into the Republican party and through the help of a willing Republican Governor, almost half the Republican state committee is under Beacon Hill control.

           Many people shudder over the word power.  Some run from it.  But Alexander Hamilton warns us that politics is fundamentally a struggle for power, not liberty.  If we who respect liberty, honesty and fairness are afraid of the struggle to preserve and hold these values, we will lose the precious legacy bequeathed to us through generations of sacrifice from the first blood shed at Lexington and Concord until now.  Martin Luther King tells us that power is the ability to achieve purpose, and it is not only desirable, but essential for “bringing about the demands of love and justice.”   We have an obligation to struggle and resist efforts to pare back the values and traditions we hold dear.

           I stand with Chairman Jim Lyons, in his efforts to establish an independent Republican party for Massachusetts, one that accurately and honestly reflects the views of the rank and file, not Beacon Hill politicians.  This means standing in defense of the US Constitution, the free enterprise economy and rooting out government corruption wherever it is found.   If you believe in these values, I am asking for your help.  Financial support is essential. 

           I am calling upon every Republican in this district, particularly those who hold leadership positions on ward and town committees to join me in pledging $100.00 annually to the Republican party.  I have recommended a 50/50 split between the state, ward and town committees.   Under the split donors would forward $50.00 to the state party and $50.00 to their local town or ward committee.  We are facing a battle on all fronts and these contributions are essential.  Your donations will demonstrate that hope and belief in American values and traditions has not died; that a spirit of resistance to corruption and heavy-handed government still exists.  It will help the reformers to convince the hesitant that support for achieving reforms to make the party and its voice more effective actually exists.

           I recently spoke with an old friend of mine, who has traveled extensively through eastern Europe.  Of eastern European dissent and exhibiting many of the physical characteristics of the populations he has visited, my friend told me that he was always recognizable as an American.   He said that it was because of the way that he carried himself, his mere walk gave it away.  He told me that to the native population, he looked like someone, who could do anything he put his mind to, and that meant he must be an American.   The leadership in this state wants to break that confidence and pride; it wants our children and grandchildren crawling to political bosses for meaning, sustenance and protection.  Don’t let that happen.  Give to Chairman Jim Lyons and the Massachusetts Republican Party so that we can continue to resist and ultimately prevail in the struggle to save a once great Commonwealth. 

– Dennis Galvin

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