Westford Raises Armenian Flag

There was a gathering today at the Westford Common to commemorate the 106th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The event included an introduction by Ara Jeknavorian Co-chair of the Armenian National Committee of Merrimack Valley. Kathy Lynch Republican State Committeewoman of the First Middlesex District also said a few words to honor the Armenian people. A prayer was recited and both the American and Armenian anthems were sung while the American and Armenian flags were raised. The Armenian flag will be up over the weekend.

The Armenian Anthem

Mer hayrenik’, Azat, Ankakh, 
Vor aprel eh tareh tar, 
Yoor vordik’e ard kanchum eh Azat, 
Ankakh Hayastan. 

Amenayn tegh mah’e mi eh, 
Mard mi angam pit merni, 
Bayts yerani ovr yur azgi 
Azatutyan k’e zohvi. 

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