Defeat of House Bill 4253

House Bill 4253, which be voted upon shortly, at first glance appears innocuous  and right – it seems to further human rights to a previously ignored minority (less than 3 tenths of one percent of the population) by redefining sexual rights for transgenders.  However, by doing so, the result of the Bill opens a set of negative possibilities that could endanger, or offend, the general public, especially children and women, and is already covered by existing legislation that defines a person’s “gender identity”.


By defining and including the wording “gender identity “, a person’s physical condition is replaced by what he or she “thinks” they MIGHT be at the particular time they are ready to use public facilities.  No longer is a male or female, whether born as, or transformed by surgery, restricted to a men’s or women’s room or shower facility, but if the person believes at that moment that he or she is of the opposite sex, they can use a facility that has been designated as a “women’s or men’s room” – Think of the consequences!– men with male genitalia sharing facilities with young girls and women who find such behavior as offensive by their religious and/or moral beliefs or family values; men or women “posing” as the opposite sex to get access to innocent children or adults for the purposes of committing rape or sodomy, and the embarrassment to the general public for witnessing someone of the opposite sex’s genitalia.  Further, the enforcement of the resulting House Bill is unenforceable by law enforcement officers and, in some cases, may be used by violators who Impersonate” themselves as a person of the opposite sex with the purpose of committing sexual crimes


We believe that true transsexuals (those who have physically transformed their sexual parts and mental status) already have the right to use facilities corresponding to their physical identity, however, the whole class of transgenders who are not so defined by their physical make-up, should not be granted the same rights –therefore, we encourage everyone to broadcast this message with the purpose of encouraging subscribers to call their representative and demand the defeat of House Bill 4253.


Colonel Harry I. (USAF-Retired) and Dawn Gillogly

Westford, MA

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