Support Rep. Lombardo’s Bill to End Sanctuary Cities

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As the Presidential races continue to dominate the headlines it becomes increasingly apparent that immigration remains one of the most important issues to the American voter. But as presidential candidates continue to promote bigger and bigger immigrations plans we must not lose sight of the immigration fight happening here in Massachusetts at the state level.

Legislation like H. 1856, An Act relative to sanctuary cities and towns, sponsored by Rep. Marc Lombardo (R-Billerica) seeks to end the practice of sanctuary cities in Massachusetts by denying unrestricted government aid to any city that provides safe haven to criminal illegal aliens. Passage of H. 1856 would ensure that taxpayers dollars are not being spent to aid any of the six sanctuary cities and towns in Massachusetts that are harboring criminals.

In 2015 these six communities received over $90,000,000 in general government aid from the taxpayers of Massachusetts.  At the same time these communities were choosing to ignore federal immigration laws and protect illegal aliens, allowing them to continue to live among us.  Passage of H. 1856 would leave these communities no choice but to end the practice of protecting and harboring these criminals at the expense of the law abiding citizens of these and surrounding communities.

While easy to get distracted by the grandiose immigration plans of many of the presidential candidates this year, its vital that we recognize that the opportunity for real immigration reform can start here at the state level. Please use the link below to encourage your legislator to support and co-sponsor Rep. Lombardo’s bill, H. 1856, to prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to harbor criminal illegal aliens.

Thank you,

Daniel Grayton
Operations Director

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