Georjann McGaha is Grassroots

It is my pleasure to confidently endorse Georjann McGaha for the Massachusetts Republican State Committee. She has been a member of the Republican Town Committee in Westford for over 10 years and the Lowell Republican City Committee member for the last 2 years. Before that she was a kindergarten and elementary school teacher. Georjann is a strong advocate for limited government, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, judicial restraint, and traditional family values. She believes in state government that is transparent, accountable, efficient and works for the interest of the citizens of the commonwealth.
The State Committee’s main purpose is to promote and build the Republican Party by organizing and working for the nomination and election of candidates as well as setting the Party platform. Now more than ever, we need experienced and tested leaders that are dedicated to and passionate about conservative values to lead us into a future we can be proud of to pass on to the next generation. For these reasons, I enthusiastically support Georjann McGaha for the Massachusetts Republican State Committee. Polls open on March 1. Make your voice count.
Andre Wu


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