ACTION ALERT: Call on Senator Joyce to Resign


Call to Action 
Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance called on Senate President Stanley Rosenberg to initiate the expulsion of Milton State Senator Brian Joyce.


You may remember Joyce as the senator with the cleanest clothes in the Commonwealth. Several Boston Globe investigations alleged that he has been shaking down a local dry cleaner for more than a decade, insisting on free services for him, his family, and friends. Joyce is also the guy who used political donations for a family graduation party and his personal car expenses.


The FBI and the IRS raided Joyce’s Canton law office. To be fair, a raid doesn’t equal a conviction. The time to expel him from the Senate is now. With his stained character, Joyce can’t be an effective senator. The federal investigation will likely be prolonged, and the senate itself bears a stigma as long as Joyce has a seat in the chamber.


Contact your state senator today to urge Senate President Rosenberg to immediately call for Joyce’s resignation and begin the process of expelling him from the legislature.

Click the link below to log in and send your message:

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