MassGOP Offers New Years’ Resolutions For Mass. Democrats


December 31, 2015

BOSTON — 2015 was a tough year for Massachusetts Democrats – they faced brutal headlines that chronicled their lack of a coherent strategy, and the party’s chaotic infighting.

Democrats must be looking to turn the corner in 2016, so the MassGOP is here to help – with some New Years’ Resolutions for top Massachusetts Democrats:

Elizabeth Warren – Try Telling The Truth For A Change
Our state’s senior senator had a tough time with the truth in 2015 – landing on the Washington Post’s “biggest Pinocchios” for one of her lies. (Shannon Young, “US Sen. Elizabeth Warren named one of ‘biggest Pinocchios’ of 2015,” Springfield Republican, 12/16/15)

Warren is expected to continue to neglect Massachusetts in 2016, but one thing she could do for her constituents is to stop embarrassing us with her high-profile struggles with the truth. We don’t want to set the bar too high for her, though – so maybe she could start by moving from four Pinocchios to three. Unfortunately, we’re not holding our breath.

Maura Healey – Find Better Friends
The new attorney general faced criticism this year for her alliance with the Teamsters union – whose members have been indicted for harassing women and the use of homophobic and sexists slurs. (Stephanie Ebbert, “Healey defends Teamsters union,” Boston Globe, 10/8/15)

Healey’s “inclusive” rhetoric on the campaign trail doesn’t match her actions – she’s gladly accepted campaign contributions from the Teamsters – who were accused in their indictment of employing “old school thug tactics” when they harassed women on a film crew last year.

Our advice to Healey – in 2016, find some new friends who aren’t facing federal indictment.

Stan Rosenberg – Read Up On Recent History
In an interview with the Boston Globe in late 2015, the new Senate president complained that state ethics rules are “way overreaching.” (MassGOP, “Dem State Senate President Ignores Recent Scandals, Says Ethics Rules Are ‘Overreaching,’, 12/16/15)

Next year, we’d recommend Rosenberg re-examine the recent history of Democratic scandals on Beacon Hill: three felonious Democratic House Speakers and a probation scandal that destroyed public confidence in the Legislature.

We hope Rosenberg takes the time to read up on the the sad history of Democratic corruption in the Legislature, because his tone-deaf comments don’t exactly inspire public confidence in his ability to be any different.

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