Act Now!


There is only one way to stop taxpayers from having to pay a multi-Billion bailout for the Olympics.

Our ballot question is the only binding way to stop taxpayers from having to fund billions of dollars to pay for cost overruns and huge venues that will be torn down after the games.

Last year we successfully repealed automatic gas tax hikes. Many of the same people, who were against us, are now pushing for the Olympics. We know first-hand their addiction to our tax money. They don’t care about taxpayers, like us.
On Thursday night there is a debate on the Olympics. The Globe has shut us out. That’s right–taxpayers are not getting a seat at the table.
Despite being the strongest grassroots organization in the state, we are not being
allowed to talk about our ballot question. Boston 2024 will be allowed to say anything they want without any rebuttal from the sponsors. This is completely outrageous.
They can keep us out. But they cannot shut us up or stop us!
Boston 2024 is afraid of us! Today at 11am Boston Herald radio is sponsoring a debate. Evan Falchuk will be there for our coalition. Boston 2024 is not going!
Their refusal to debate us on the ONLY way to protect taxpayers is proof that tomorrow’s night Globe debate is just an infomercial for Boston 2024.
Will you help us?
  1. Tune into the Boston Herald radio at 11am today.
  2. Call the Globe and complain 617-929-3000.
  3. Sign up to collect signatures.
  4. Donate. This fall we will have to collect 100,000 signatures. We found it much easier to collect signatures when we had signs and literature with us.
The financial stakes are extremely high! Are we going to be forced to pay higher taxes to bailout the Olympics to make a few politically connected people richer or are we going to fight back?
Please let us hear from you today.
Marty Lamb
Shaunna O’Connell
Steve Aylward

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