Boston Globe – pro Olympics – Go Figure


Last year,  when we did the ballot question the Boston Globe rarely covered our effort to repeal automatic gas taxes. I think I am being generous with my description . Now we are trying to prohibit tax dollars for the Olympics. Once again the Globe is not on the side of taxpayers, but rather the side of big contractors and the politically connected.

Next Thursday they are hosting a debate on the Olympics. We are NOT being included! 

Our organization collected over 146,000 signatures to repeal the gas tax. Despite being outspent 31 to 1, we defeated Beacon Hill and their powerful special interest groups 53 to 47%!

We have formally filed with OCPF and the Attorney General’s office. And yet, the Globe doesn’t invite us to participate.

We know why! They are in the tank for the Olympics. This debate is going to be an infomercial for the Olympics not a debate on how to protect the taxpayers!

Are you as outraged as me?

We can no longer silently take this Globe abuse!

Please join me in calling the Globe at 617-929-2000 to demand that we are included in the debate!

Please join me in emailing the Globe managing editor Christine Chinlund at

Enough is enough!

Marty Lamb
Co-Chairman of Tank Taxes for Olympics

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