Olympic – sized Taxes

Tank Taxes for Olympics

Beacon Hill’s attempt to fool voters is getting real old.
Yesterday they attempted to convince us that that there is a ban on tax dollars for the Olympics in the state budget. Nope!
The language still allows them to appropriate money for the Olympics after one public hearing! It’s all smoke and mirrors to mislead the taxpayers!
That’s why we have to do the binding ballot question!
If we don’t, we will be on the hook for a multi-billion dollar bailout which will cause massive tax increases. Are you with us? Please click here to join our effort.
We need your help to collect 100,000 signatures. Will you pledge to collect 500, 250 or 100 signatures? It will save you from a massive tax increase!
If you cannot collect, then we can you donate to help us launch this effort. This week we opened our ballot campaign account. Checks can be mailed to Tank Taxes for Olympics (P.O. Box 580, Rockland, MA 02370). The online account will be open shortly.
Finally, friend us on facebook – Tank Taxes for Olympics.
Thank you for your support!
Marty Lamb and Steve Aylward


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