MassFiscal shares a new video on the “union loophole” in campaign contributions


Today, we’re launching another new video!
 This one’s about the “union loophole,” which permits unions to give one candidate $15,000 in a calendar year while limiting individuals to $1,000 donations and banning all corporate contributions entirely.

In particular, we focus on Massachusetts AFL-CIO head Steven Tolman and several state representatives who held a press conference during the budget debate this past April to decry the influence of money in politics. We highlight the inconsistency between benefiting from laws designed to amplify one set of voices unfairly, while railing against the rights of other people to exercise their free speech on behalf of their concerns.

CLICK HERE to watch our video. The state representatives featured in the video include Ann-Margaret Ferrante of Gloucester, Paul Heroux of Attleboro, Brian Mannal of Barnstable, and Dennis Rosa of Leominster.

Please LIKE and SHARE the video on social media and if you want to help us produce more content like this in the future, please consider making a contribution here. Thank you!

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