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Dear 2016 Massachusetts Republican Primary Voters,

On March 1st, will you choose Politics or Principle?

After you vote for your preferred Republican Presidential Nominee, further down the ballot you will have a CHOICE in the races for Republican State Committee. You can choose to vote for establishment Republicans that go-along-to-get-along with corruption and incompetence in both parties, or grassroots Republican activists that will stand up, and proudly, and clearly explain the failures of big government, and call for lower taxes, less government, and a stop to endless illegal immigration.

Those of us seeking reform have seen first-hand how the political class of both parties is betraying the average voter, and finally giving rise to anti-establishment candidates such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. Additional candidates like Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson claim that the establishment is hurting the Republican Party. So why would you vote on March 1st to give the establishment more power?

There are just 3 simple steps to elect reformers:

  1. In the search box below enter your town
  2. Write down the name for state committee man and the name for state committee woman. You vote for one of each. The names listed below are the reformers. If a race is uncontested, no name is listed.
  3. Find and vote for them on the ballot on March 1st

This is a quick and important way to send a message to the Republican establishment that you want your country back!

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City / town Committee Man Committee Woman. Part of Town
Westford Committee Man
Dennis Galvin
Committee Woman
Georjann McGaha

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Galvin Voices Frustration At Governor’s Influence In GOP State Committee Race

Westford voters will head to the polls on March 1 for Massachusetts’ Presidential Primary and Westford Republicans will also choose male and female members of their party’s State Committee.

In that race, GOP State Committeeman Candidate Dennis Galvin has cited his frustration with recent endorsements by Governor Charlie Baker.

Recently Baker endorsed Galvin’s opponent Jordan Gys, who served on Baker’s campaign staff in 2014.

Gys is one of many candidates supported by Baker across the state, which Baker representatives told the Boston Globe was an effort to support advocates who share Baker’s vision of “an inclusive Republican Party focused on growing its numbers and winning elections.”

Galvin, who said he campaigned for Baker alongside his own campaign for the First Middlesex House District in 2014, voiced displeasure with the Governor taking sides in a race where he feels Baker should be supporting all Republicans equally.

“The vigorous challenge made by Republican candidates for the House and Senate in 2014 helped Baker drive out his vote,” said Galvin. “(This decision is) certainly not an example of enlightened leadership; one might conclude that Baker is trying to destroy the party, not build it.”

Baker has not been the only force making endorsements in the campaign. In Westford, the Westford Republican Town Committee recently endorsed Galvin.

However, Galvin, a Westford resident, sees no comparison between the endorsements.

“I got $250, but to compare it with this race is apples and oranges,” he said. “You have a massive expenditure of money, and it’s going across the state.”

In contrast, Gys says he has supported Baker’s efforts in the past, and that Galvin’s frustration with Baker’s efforts is counterproductive.

Dennis Galvin (R-Westford) speaks against the gas tax during an event in Lowell

Dennis Galvin (R-Westford) speaks against gas taxes during an event in Lowell in 2014.

“I’m extremely grateful for Governor Baker’s support, which is based on my commitment to building a stronger Republican Party that advanced our principles, grows our numbers and wins elections,” he said. “These are positive and unifying objectives, and my opponent’s attacks on Governor Baker demonstrates why he is not the best candidate to advance these goals.”

Gys and Galvin will seek Republican votes in a district that includes Westford as well as Dunstable, Groton, Lowell, Pepperell and Tyngsborough.


McGaha on March 1st

As you know, on Tuesday, March 1st Republicans will have a choice as they vote in the Presidential Primary. What has not been in the headlines, is a local race for Republican State Committee Woman in the 1st Middlesex Senatorial District which covers the towns of Westford, Lowell, Tyngsboro, Dunstable, Pepperell, and Groton. Georjann McGaha is my choice for this important job of supporting and developing local town committees and spreading the GOP brand across the state.

Our current State Committeewoman, Susan Slade, is stepping down after dedicating 21 years promoting the Republican party. As a registered Republican who has been involved in local politics for over a decade, I believe that Georjann McGaha is the best person to fill this open seat. McGaha is already a regular attender at local town committee meetings and state committee meetings. She has been a driving force behind the Tank the Gas Tax and End Common Core initiatives. She has spent literally hundreds of hours working for various local, state, and national Republican candidates over the past ten years. She has done everything from phone banks to literature drops, going door to door or standing outside Market Basket with signature papers, holding signs every election day, fundraising, writing letters to the editor, and poll watching.

Her leadership positions include, Past VP and President of Middlesex Republican Women and Past VP and President of MA Republican Assemblies 3rdCongressional District. She was an active member of the Westford Republican Town Committee from 2005-2014. She attended the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul as the Fifth Congressional District Alternate Delegate. Currently McGaha is a member of the Lowell Republican City Committee, an Associate Member of the Westford Republican Town Committee and a member of Citizens for Limited Taxation.

Georjann has the experience, leadership and enthusiasm to serve our district well. I urge those who take a Republican ballot on March 1st to make sure they follow down to the end of the ballot and vote for Georjann McGaha for State Committeewoman.

Catherine Panetta Creed


McGaha, Gys for GOP State Committee

The Lowell Sun

Updated:   02/24/2016 09:12:50 AM EST

On March 1, we will not just vote for presidential candidates, but also for members of our Republican State Committee, 1st Middlesex Congressional District, including Lowell, Tyngsboro, Westford, Groton, Dunstable and Pepperell.

I have met all four candidates, state Rep. Sheila Harrington, former State Trooper Dennis Galvin, housewife and activist Georjann McGaha and state employee and activist Jordan Gys. All are solid Republicans and each is worthy of our vote, but we are down to having to pick one committeewoman and one committeeman.

I have thought about this since this race began and have concluded that my choices are Georjann McGaha and Jordan Gys.

Since I have been chairman of the Lowell Republican City Committee, we have been represented to the State Committee by people from the suburbs. It is time to change that relationship. Georjann McGaha, who has lived in the suburbs before moving to Lowell, is now an active member of our City Committee. She is an active worker for Republican values, including the effort to halt putting our gas tax on autopilot, rather than having increases voted by our representatives on Beacon Hill, as is proper.

I trust Georjann to represent us to the State Committee and state organization.

On the other hand, Jordan Gys, who shares our Republican values and is helping to build our local organization, is close to the State Committee and can help us understand what is going on down in Boston.

For State Committee, Georjann McGaha and Jordan Gys.


Chairman, Lowell Republican City Committee

WRTC Endorses McGaha and Galvin for State Committee

March 1st, voters across the Commonwealth will participate in the Presidential Primary selecting the best candidate to represent their party in the 2016 election. The ballot will also ask party voters to choose their representative to the State Committees and local party leaders. State and local representatives play an important role in forming the party’s platform, recruiting and supporting party candidates and challenging the opposition’s viewpoint.


The Westford Republican Town Committee unanimously endorses Georjann McGaha and Dennis Galvin for State Committee First Middlesex Senatorial District representatives. The First Middlesex Senatorial District includes Lowell, Tyngsborough, Westford, Groton, Pepperell and Dunstable. One man and one woman are elected for a four-year term.


McGaha and Galvin are strongly supported because of their knowledge and experience in the political process and fidelity to Republican principles. Both are life-long Republicans and long-time members of the Westford Republican Town Committee. As active members of the Republican Party, McGaha and Galvin have served as delegates to the Republican National Convention representing Massachusetts.


McGaha and Galvin are highly qualified leaders. McGaha has been the president of Middlesex Republican Women and MA Republican Assemblies 3rd Congressional District. Organizing volunteers, McGaha spearheaded successful signature collection drives to oppose the gas tax and Common Core. Galvin has served on the Westford Planning Board and twice run for State Representative. Galvin’s position papers on 2nd Amendment Rights and recreational marijuana have spurred the community to action.


Registered Republicans and unenrolled voters may select a Republican ballot in the primary. The Westford Republican Town Committee urges voters to participate in the March 1st election and vote for McGaha and Galvin.ce03d6a173bec96e34e5d128040fdc35

Westford Republican Town Committee

Galvin for State Committeeman

Dennis Galvin’s campaign kick-off announcement on January 13, 2016, filmed by Westford Cable Access TV:

Dennis Galvin’s guest spot (appeared with Jordan Gys) on The Morning Show on WCAP (live and recorded on Jan. 28, 2016):

Dennis Galvin’s appearance on “The Current Buzz” on Chelmsford Cable Access TV:


Georjann McGaha for State Committeewoman

I am a candidate for the MA Republican State Committee in the First Middlesex Senatorial District, which includes Westford, Lowell, Tyngsboro, Dunstable, Pepperell, and Groton. State Committee Members are elected every four years during the Republican Presidential Primary.

The State Committee’s main purpose is to promote the Republican Party by organizing and working for the nomination and election of candidates as well as setting the Party platform. This is exactly what I have been doing for the past 10 years. I have been a dedicated volunteer, working hundreds of hours for various local, state, and national Republican candidates. This includes phone banks, literature drops, door to door, signature papers, standouts, fundraising, writing letters to the editor, and poll watching.

I have been involved in many Republican activities:

  • Lowell Republican City Committee.
  • Westford Republican Town Committee (2005 – 2016)
  • WRTC College Scholarship Committee
  • Past VP and President of Middlesex Republican Women
  • Past VP and President of MA Republican Assemblies 3rd Congressional District (The organization promoted by President Ronald Reagan)
  • Fifth Congressional District Alternate Delegate for the 2008 Republican National Convention
  • In 2013, when the MA legislature linked the gas tax to inflation, I volunteered to help collect the 146,000 signatures needed to put this issue on the ballot. It was successful!
  • I stepped up to volunteer as signature captain for the Lowell area to prohibit tax dollars being spent on the Olympics. Once again taxpayers were protected because of our determination.
  • I recently drove to East Bridgewater to make “Get Out The Vote” phone calls for Geoff Diehl, who was a candidate for StateSenate.

As the daughter of a US Air Force officer and a sister of a US Navy veteran, I am a patriotic supporter of the Constitution. I taught elementary school for over ten years. My husband and I lived in Westford for 20 years, and all 6 children graduated from Westford Academy. For the past two years our family has enjoyed living in Lowell where my son attends UMASS Lowell.

With only 11% of MA voters being Republican, we must pull ourselves together and start building the Republican Party. We must recruit and develop strong town and city committees. We need to communicate the value of the core Republican principles which are; strong defense, limited government, individual liberty, lower taxes, balanced budgets, judicial restraint, and conservative values. We need a State Committee consisting of members who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work as hard as I do to elect Republican candidates. I have the experience, enthusiasm and leadership to make a difference!

Please vote for

Georjann McGaha

Republican State Committee on

March 1st, 2016

Thank you for your support!

Georjann McGaha and Dennis Galvin are endorsed by the many members of the Westford Republican Town Committee. Their life-long commitment to the Republican Party and principles merit your vote in the Presidential Primary on March 1, 2016.

Galvin promises an aggressive campaign

By Christopher Scott,

UPDATED:   01/19/2016 07:33:37 AM EST


Dennis Galvin, left, with the state s top Republican, Gov. Charlie Baker. COURTESY PHOTO

Dennis Galvin, left, with the state s top Republican, Gov. Charlie Baker. COURTESY PHOTO

WESTFORD — Dennis Galvin, a well-known Republican and long-time Westford Planning Board member, is promising an “aggressive and insightful” campaign for Republican State Committee from the 1st Middlesex District, a campaign that’s shaping up as a city vs. the suburbs contest.

“We are facing serious threats to our security, prosperity and freedom,” Galvin said. “Courageous and competent leadership must be brought forward in order to successfully meet the challenges facing us.

“The Massachusetts Republican State Committee is the governing board of the state Republican Party,” said Galvin. “It is responsible for developing this leadership. It has been in failure mode for the past 40 years. The time has come for this committee to move the party forward. The citizens of this state need an alternative to the bloated, ineffective and unresponsive power structure on Beacon Hill.”

Galvin officially announced his candidacy Wednesday morning on the Westford Town Common.

The district is currently represented by Richard Green, of Lowell, and Susan Slade, of Groton. Neither is seeking re-election.

Besides Galvin, the field includes Jordan Gys, who unsuccessfully ran for Lowell City Council last fall; Georjann McGaha, of Lowell; and state Rep. Sheila Harrington, of Groton.

The election is March 1, the same day as the presidential primary. One man and one woman get elected. McGaha was scheduled to officially announce her candidacy during a gathering of local Republicans Thursday night in Lowell.

Besides Groton, Lowell and Westford, communities in the district are Dunstable, Pepperell and Tyngsboro.

A retired Massachusetts State Police officer, Galvin ran for Westford state representative in 2004 and again in 2014. Listening to Galvin explain why he’s running, it’s pretty clear he’s not happy with the state GOP.

He said: “The Republican State Committee must assert its leadership role in the party. Personal vendettas and factionalism must end. The committee must focus the party on its mission, which is to provide rigorous oversight over state government services, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. It must also offer solutions to the problems we face, that minimize the burden on the taxpayer and facilitate economic growth, which is the answer to most of our problems. As Republicans, we must become more articulate in stating our positions, more persistent in fundraising, relentless in registering Republican voters and remain united with one focus, which is to win the hearts and minds of the voters of this state.”

Cliff Krieger, a member of Lowell’s License Commission and one of the city’s more vocal Republicans, is excited about the race and reminds everyone to vote on March 1. He has this reminder for district Republicans: “The election on 1 March is not just about the Presidential Primaries. It is also about electing our party committee persons for the Republican and Democrat Parties.”

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