Vernon Jones Electrifies Mass Republicans

Unleashes Scathing Attack Against Biden And Democrats

Former Georgia state representative and chief executive of DeKalb County Georgia, Vernon Jones, who publicly endorsed President Donald Trump at the 2020 Republican National Convention, came to Massachusetts today, to help raise money for the state GOP. Jones spoke before a crowd of 200 people, assembled at GOP Chairman Jim Lyon’s barn in Andover MA.He masterfully used humor and passion to bolster the state effort to grow the party.  

He opened his remarks by telling the crowd that his mother coached him on how to give a public address. He said that she told him to think about a woman’s skirt:  “a speech should be short, interesting, but cover all the important areas.”  Jones shared his background with the audience, telling them that he grew up in rural North Carolina, on a farm, in a house that is mother and father built. Raised by hard working parents, with a father who was a WWII veteran, and who served under General George Patton, Jones said that he was raised to be proud of his country, to believe in God, to work hard, get educated and to never let himself believe that he was a victim. 

He then took sharp aim at the Democratic Party stating that the party that he once had joined many years ago left him.    He said that he was always conservative and hard working but the liberals  moved it so far left that he no longer recognizes it.    He attacked critical race theory describing it as a program “designed to teach hate” to an entirely new generation.  Jones said: “liberalism has destroyed African Americans; its time for African Americans to destroy liberalism”.    He singled out the embrace of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood by the Democratics saying that she intended to exterminate the black race in America because she said that they were defective human beings.   Jones asked “ who are they kidding ?”  He added that many abortion clinics are situated in black communities.

Jones launched into an attack on President Joe Biden, whom he continuously referred to as “ Joe Crow Biden.”  He pointed out Biden’s links to former segregationist and Ku Kux Klan Grand Wizard Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia. Referencing a statement by Biden during the 2020 political campaign “ that if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black”;  Jones called it an example  of “pure bigotry”.  Black Lives Matter was next on the list, Jones said that the organization could care less about black lives,” adding that “ the only color they care about is green” referencing the money that the organization has been pulling in.

He then told Republicans that the party has to improve its efforts in two areas, if the nation is to reverse the trend of socialism. First, there must be a more effective outreach to the young. He said that a way has to be found to counter the political bullying that is going on in the schools, often led by teachers.  Second, Republicans must reach out to black voters and Jones pledged himself to that cause.  He said that Republicans have run out of “white conservative voters” and the black conservatives must be brought on board.   He noted that the number of black conservatives, who are rejecting the pandering and race bating of the Democratic party is increasing daily and will be a factor in the next national election.  Trump’s critical question to black Americans “what have you got to lose?”  is resonating with many, who are recognizing that the Republican party. as the party of Abraham Lincoln, is the party of freedom, and that it is time to for them to come home.

– Dennis Galvin

A Battle for Massachusetts Is Now Underway

Support Republican Reformers Struggling To Keep The Flame Of Liberty Alive

           If John Adams were alive today, he would find himself in despair over what has become of his cherished and beloved Commonwealth.   Ambitious politicians, he anticipated; but self-serving political racketeers were the one thing he feared.   It is they, who have taken over the Bay State, and it is they, who are working to extinguish the flame of liberty and democracy for all time.  If they have their way, our children and grandchildren will never understand, let alone share the pride, the hope and the aspirations of being an American, things that most of us took for granted growing up. The last thin line of defense are 39 members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, who are resolved to defend America’s fundamental principles in this Commonwealth, in the face of entrenched, hostile and aggressive political interests seeking to push them over a political cliff.

           It is a well-known fact, that the state’s monolithic Democratic party gained its hegemony over the people through corruption.  Handing out jobs, state contracts, state benefits and terrorizing businesses through selective regulatory action have been their mode of operation for over 50 years.  They have persistently practiced systemic corruption, which has damaged our state’s culture, character and reputation.   Corruption like cancer spreads.  It has now seeped into the Republican party and through the help of a willing Republican Governor, almost half the Republican state committee is under Beacon Hill control.

           Many people shudder over the word power.  Some run from it.  But Alexander Hamilton warns us that politics is fundamentally a struggle for power, not liberty.  If we who respect liberty, honesty and fairness are afraid of the struggle to preserve and hold these values, we will lose the precious legacy bequeathed to us through generations of sacrifice from the first blood shed at Lexington and Concord until now.  Martin Luther King tells us that power is the ability to achieve purpose, and it is not only desirable, but essential for “bringing about the demands of love and justice.”   We have an obligation to struggle and resist efforts to pare back the values and traditions we hold dear.

           I stand with Chairman Jim Lyons, in his efforts to establish an independent Republican party for Massachusetts, one that accurately and honestly reflects the views of the rank and file, not Beacon Hill politicians.  This means standing in defense of the US Constitution, the free enterprise economy and rooting out government corruption wherever it is found.   If you believe in these values, I am asking for your help.  Financial support is essential. 

           I am calling upon every Republican in this district, particularly those who hold leadership positions on ward and town committees to join me in pledging $100.00 annually to the Republican party.  I have recommended a 50/50 split between the state, ward and town committees.   Under the split donors would forward $50.00 to the state party and $50.00 to their local town or ward committee.  We are facing a battle on all fronts and these contributions are essential.  Your donations will demonstrate that hope and belief in American values and traditions has not died; that a spirit of resistance to corruption and heavy-handed government still exists.  It will help the reformers to convince the hesitant that support for achieving reforms to make the party and its voice more effective actually exists.

           I recently spoke with an old friend of mine, who has traveled extensively through eastern Europe.  Of eastern European dissent and exhibiting many of the physical characteristics of the populations he has visited, my friend told me that he was always recognizable as an American.   He said that it was because of the way that he carried himself, his mere walk gave it away.  He told me that to the native population, he looked like someone, who could do anything he put his mind to, and that meant he must be an American.   The leadership in this state wants to break that confidence and pride; it wants our children and grandchildren crawling to political bosses for meaning, sustenance and protection.  Don’t let that happen.  Give to Chairman Jim Lyons and the Massachusetts Republican Party so that we can continue to resist and ultimately prevail in the struggle to save a once great Commonwealth. 

– Dennis Galvin

Westford Raises Armenian Flag

There was a gathering today at the Westford Common to commemorate the 106th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The event included an introduction by Ara Jeknavorian Co-chair of the Armenian National Committee of Merrimack Valley. Kathy Lynch Republican State Committeewoman of the First Middlesex District also said a few words to honor the Armenian people. A prayer was recited and both the American and Armenian anthems were sung while the American and Armenian flags were raised. The Armenian flag will be up over the weekend.

The Armenian Anthem

Mer hayrenik’, Azat, Ankakh, 
Vor aprel eh tareh tar, 
Yoor vordik’e ard kanchum eh Azat, 
Ankakh Hayastan. 

Amenayn tegh mah’e mi eh, 
Mard mi angam pit merni, 
Bayts yerani ovr yur azgi 
Azatutyan k’e zohvi. 

Petition Questions Governor’s Mask Mandate

We, citizens of Massachusetts, petition Governor Baker 
to replace his mask mandate with a voluntary mask advisory for 
all persons and businesses within Massachusetts.

Whereas: On March 10, 2020, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker declared a Massachusetts state of emergency due to the alleged outbreak of a Covid-19 virus;

Whereas: On May 6, 2020 Governor Baker’s first mask mandate went into effect and it was stated, at that time, that it was a temporary measure;

Whereas: As of March 24, 2021, seventeen states and counting have already lifted their mask mandates successfully;

Whereas: The First Amendment of the Constitution of the U.S. guarantees U.S. Citizens both freedom of assembly and the right to petition government for a redress of grievances;

Whereas: We believe the strength of our nation and Commonwealth lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored and that this belief holds true for individuals making their own health care decisions and choosing whatever medical interventions they see fit;

Whereas: We believe that free enterprise and encouraging individual-business initiative and decision-making have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth and prosperity;

Whereas: We believe the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, and that the best government is that which governs least;

Whereas: Any emergency orders, decrees, regulations, or other mandates issued by state or local officials that bind, curtail or infringe upon the rights of private parties, must be narrowly tailored to serve a compelling public health purpose;

Whereas: There is no longer a compelling public health purpose because the recovery rate for Covid-19 is very high (99+%);

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved: That the existing Commonwealth of Massachusetts mask mandate be rescinded and replaced with a voluntary mask advisory for all persons and businesses within Massachusetts.

Sign the petition at:

Massachusetts Republican State Committee passes resolution opposing censorship

WOBURN — Jan. 27, 2021, Contact Evan Lips, communications director, 617-523-5005 ext. 245

Responding to the growing trend of speech suppression, especially in the online public square, the Massachusetts Republican State Committee voted unanimously Wednesday night in support of a resolution opposing all forms of censorship.  READ MORE HERE
Massachusetts Republican State Committee resolution in opposition to all forms of censorship, and in support of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of The United States Constitution:

WHEREAS: Our constitutional republic is deeply rooted in the guiding First Amendment principle of free speech; and

WHEREAS: The success of our constitutional republic is contingent upon the protection of our First Amendment rights guaranteeing freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely; and

WHEREAS: Autocratic and heavily centralized governments have been proven throughout the course of recorded history to rely on censorship and intimidation as the means of silencing free speech and government opposition, and to preserve the authority of the powerful at the expense of the citizen; and

WHEREAS: Recent events point to Congress ceding that authority to unelected technology corporations holding a monopoly on discourse in the online public square; and

WHEREAS: Actions committed by a select cabal of technology corporations included the censorship of press reports and commentary critical of a presidential candidate, the silencing of a duly-elected president, and cooperation resulting in the systematic shutdown of alternative social media platform(s); and

WHEREAS: Congress has shown an unwillingness to commit to guaranteeing and ensuring First Amendment protections for all in the online public square, while ceding such authority to unelected technology corporations and institutions of learning.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the State Committee of the Massachusetts Republican Party: the State Committee stands united in opposition to all forms of censorship, all efforts to stifle Americans’ First Amendment rights, and stands unequivocally for the rights ensured by the Constitution of the United States of America.

– Submitted by: Jay Fleitman and Mary Lou Stuart

Sign Your Name to the Online Petition Here

Condemn the Violence!

The Nation Must Come Together to Condemn Political Violence            

The violent action committed in Washington DC on January 6, 2020, was unjustifiable and malevolent.  Those responsible for it must be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  This action was the latest in a mounting list of incidents in which destruction increasingly appears to be the preferred tool by some for addressing political grievances.  

As horrendous as the images were of rioters desecrating the hallowed halls of our nation’s capital, the actions of rioters burning, looting, killing and injuring people during the summer were equally malevolent.  The only difference was the political perspective of the actors. 

Some of the public reaction to this nihilism has been equally disturbing.  Too many people at both ends of the political spectrum are quick to condemn the actions of the opposite group, but cannot see the malevolence in the violence committed by those affiliated with their own side.  This moral schizophrenia presents a clear and present danger to the security and tranquility of our nation.  

All political violence in the United States must be condemned, or this situation will spiral out of control and we will all pay dearly.  Trying to pick and choose which violence is acceptable and which is not, is absurd.  While we can’t judge each other’s experiences, we have every right to judge each other’s actions. If this doesn’t happen appeals for peace and justice will become meaningless. Justice will become a relative concept determined by might not right.   When this occurs, the notion of justice will lose its moral power to influence and only the violence will remain. 

The first step in social justice is obedience to legitimate law.  Depart from that and everyone loses.  All of us need to do some serious soul searching. Albert Camus, the famous French writer, and member of the French Resistance, noted that the experiences of the twentieth century revealed that there is a poison latent in every human being.  If let loose, it can lead to the utter destruction of all.  Calls to violence are attempts to tap this poison.  It must be resisted. It is time for our nation to come together to condemn violence as a means of advancing political agendas. 

– Dennis Galvin, MA Republican State Committeeman


One Root Cause of MA GOP Failure Now Plain to See             

If you want to know why the Massachusetts Republican Party has been an ineffective political institution, one reason is now on full display.  A party chair, who felt obligated to make a full disclosure of a series of undocumented and unauthorized financial transactions to public authorities, is now being chastised by a segment of his own party.  Rather than embracing the effort to get to the bottom of a serious public trust issue, these members are assaulting him with ugly innuendos, threats and irrelevant violations of so-called party protocols.  Perhaps the most significant of these protocol allegations was that he didn’t inform the Executive Committee.           

In cases where serious corruption is suspected, and this situation certainly qualifies, evidence and information relating to such matter should be conveyed directly to authorities.  Our chair uncovered a pattern of transactions, which radically departed from acceptable accounting standards and involved a substantial amount of money. He discovered a “ruse” in which a significant asset of our organization had been misappropriated.  When he attempted to obtain an explanation for this pattern of conduct, he was literally told to pound sand by all of the principals except one. 

Our bylaws give the Chair exclusive responsibility to take action to further the interest of the Republican Party.  They also state the chair may exercise “such powers not elsewhere delegated”.   Investigating suspected internal abuses of funds and misappropriation of assets certainly furthers the interest of the Massachusetts Republican party, and there is no provision in the bylaws, that requires the chair to report, nor obtain the approval of, the state committee or the Executive Committee, before reporting such matters to authorities.  

There are sound reasons why access to information of this nature should be restricted. No one truly knows the full extent of this affair.   Releasing sensitive information involving potentially nefarious actions of people within an organization can also be used as a means of illicit discovery, by yet unidentified actors, who either directly or through accomplices, could use it to cover their tracks.   Chairman Lyons certainly cannot be accused of lacking transparency.  He walked the entire matter over to the US Attorney, which is hardly the action of someone, who is trying to subvert justice, or is disloyal to the party, unless of course we are using the La Cosa Nostra operating manual.             

The comments being made by the Chair’s critics are sounding more and more pathological.  They reflect the attitude of racketeers, whose immediate reaction, when faced with allegations are to, “admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter charges.”  The charge that the Executive Committee should have been consulted is a very disconcerting one.   It was the Executive Committee, who had primary oversight during the time that these questionable practices were unfolding.  People with ties to the former members of this body, remain within our organization, some are serving on the new Executive Committee.  In the interest of preserving investigative integrity, it was wise to keep a lid on this information.             

The role of the Executive Committee in the MA GOP  is comparable to that of the Star Chamber in 17th Century England, a dark, secretive institution with utter contempt for Democratic rules and practices.  It is time for this party to discard this anachronism and submit our party affairs to what Justice Louis Brandeis called “the great disinfectant of sunlight”.  Under the circumstances that he faced, the Chair had no obligation to share information regarding this internal investigation, or to seek approval from anyone.  He acted cautiously and prudently in a manner that reflected his innate integrity. His honest leadership is now causing paroxysm among many members and their underlings of our own Star Chamber.

– Dennis Galvin, Republican State Committeeman

Massachusetts Citizens Deserve Fair Elections

November 30, 2020

Some people claim that Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election while others claim Trump won in a landslide. The truth of the matter is, until all legal votes are counted and certified, in all states, we will not be able to claim a legal winner. Battleground states of Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Georgia, are being contested and are not yet certified.

One thing is certain, though. This election has brought election integrity to the forefront. Attorney Sydney Powell has compiled a long and growing list of evidence of voter fraud at In a television interview, she equated the amount of evidence coming forth like “drinking from a firehose.”

Examples of voter fraud include fraudulent voter registrations, deceased voters, ballots cast in the name of others without consent, ballots mailed without request, counting ballots more than once, ballots magically appearing in new-found boxes, and so much more. 

Now is the time to fix this appalling situation or never trust an election again!

How can we fix this? Here is a start:

  1. Reserve mail-in voting only in rare circumstances such as for overseas military who cannot vote in person. Offering mail-in voting to the masses will, as we have seen, increase voter fraud.
  2. Require voter ID. This should be a no-brainer. By doing so, you ensure one citizen, one vote. For those rare mail-in votes, signatures should be verified.
  3. Don’t make it easier for illegal immigrants to vote through slippery-slope legislation like drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants.
  4. Increase the number of poll workers and watchers, with all political parties represented.
  5. Use paper ballots instead of electronic ballots. Voting systems like Dominion have been proven to be programmable or hackable to favor certain candidates.

While we await the final election results for the 2020 Presidential Race, let us take this opportunity to investigate and ensure that all future elections will be conducted with fair election procedures, as listed above, that produce honest results we can trust. 

Now is the time to connect with fellow citizens who want fair elections. Email Visit and Like for events, articles, photos and commentary.

Our lives are greatly affected by laws made by our elected leaders. Let us make sure that those leaders are the ones we truly elect through fair and honest elections. 

— Kathy Lynch, Republican State Committeewoman

Ranked Choice Voting on Question 2 will Block Reform: Vote No on 2

Question #2 on the state election ballot in November will present voters with a proposition known as “Ranked Choice Voting.” This would allow voters to cast more than one vote in a single race, when there are more than two candidates, allowing them to rank order their choices. It would institute a majority requirement for winning elections, forcing repeated rounds of vote tallying in close races until a 51 percent voter threshold is reached by one of the candidates.

This proposition begs the question, what is Question #2 trying to fix? Proponents claim it will ensure that candidates, who win elections have a majority of the vote, somehow suggesting more legitimacy. This logic is flawed because in most elections, nothing close to a majority of voters ever turns out. According to this thinking, the only way to ensure legitimacy of elections would be to make voting mandatory, as in totalitarian societies.

Plurality voting (whoever gets the most votes wins) is the simplest and most direct method for deciding elections. It has been the practice since the nation’s founding. It keeps elections simple by allowing winners to be easily identified. In contrast, “Ranked Choice Voting” creates an arcane process for tallying votes, which is highly vulnerable to both fraud and error. It will inevitably open more and more elections to challenge, creating confusion and doubt over their legitimacy, paralyzing the transition of authority.

Ranked Choice voting is nothing more than a mechanism for suppressing reform. In a one party state like Massachusetts it will ensure the permanent hegemony of the establishment party, making challenges almost impossible. It violates the principles of one person, one vote and gives members of the status quo political establishment additional votes to block reform.

Consider a scenario in which polls show an incumbent with less than 50 percent support. One way to deflect the threat of a reformer, who challenges the seat, is for the establishment party to put up a third “straw” candidate, who deceptively offers a program of reform. In a ranked choice election, the challenger could win the plurality vote, but not achieve the majority threshold, second and third choices would now be counted. The “straw” candidate would inevitably draw votes from the incumbent’s base and the challenger’s, likely achieving the required majority. If the challenger’s supporters bullet vote (only vote for one candidate) they would throw their votes away on the succeeding tallies. End result, the challenger, even though he or she had more votes, loses the election. Reform is thwarted.

Massachusetts is a state in dire need of reform. The last thing that we need is a process that insulates the political status quo from challenge. Vote “No” on Question #2 and preserve one person, one vote in our elections.

— Dennis Galvin

The Anti-police Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

By John MacDonald

A close friend once said to me during Lori Trahan’s campaign for Congress in 2018 that they were going to support Lori, because she was really a moderate behind closed doors.

They said that she would never really support extreme progressive policies if elected and that they knew her, because: “You know, we went to high school together.”

Another well-known political type said: “I’m supporting Lori, because she grew up in a working-class family, supports business, law enforcement and well, she baby-sat my kids.”

Question: How has supporting Lori Trahan worked out for you now? Not only does Lori agree with defunding the police, but she has aligned herself with the most progressive members of Congress to include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The anti-police chickens have come home to roost.

Both the Massachusetts House and Senate just passed anti-police legislation. Like cowards the state Senate did it under the cloak of darkness, similar to when they voted on their own pay raises. The House also clamored to quickly pass a bill, if only to prove to themselves that they were the most “woke” state Legislature in the country.

Back in 2018, everyone said that there is no way that then-state Senate candidate Ed Kennedy would ever back anti-police legislation, because: “Well his own family is in law enforcement.”.

Well folks he is a progressive, has screwed law abiding citizens and the anti-police chickens have come home to roost.

How about the new progressive star of the Lowell delegation at the Statehouse? Jim Arciero, another member of the “Well, he’s a good guy,” club was the only member of the Lowell delegation to vote against our police. Yes, Jim Arciero who was supported consistently by local police unions and moderate Democrats, chose to partner with his progressive friends by reprimanding and handcuffing the most diverse law enforcement community in the country. Well folks he is a progressive and the anti-police chickens have come home to roost.

Fellow veterans and law-abiding citizens, when will you realize that these “good guys and gals” who say one thing publicly and another thing behind closed doors are political light weights. They are cowards and they are supporting protesters over the very people who are trained to protect us. Progressive politicians are not for law and order. They do not support the police and through their actions over the past few weeks, they have made it loud and clear that they support anarchists over the peaceful majority.

Folks, your votes through the years, supporting the “good guy and gal” club is paying dividends if you chose defunding the police over supporting the police, illegal immigration over legal immigration, higher taxes over tax breaks, voter fraud over voter ID, socialism over capitalism and defiance over patriotism.

Your votes over the years have supported gun control over gun rights. Yes, the same politicians who are choosing to defund the police, are the same politicians who want to strip you of your right to defend yourself, because you know, when the police aren’t around, who’s coming when you call 911 as your door is getting kicked in by anarchists and protesters?

Who’s defending your home, that’s been stripped of armed protection, when a criminal seeks to threaten your loved ones? Will you call, Lori Trahan, Ed Kennedy and Jim Arciero? Well folks, these progressives won’t answer the phone and the anti-police chickens have come home to roost.

It is time for the people of Massachusetts to realize the cost of one-party rule and to send the chickens back home.