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GOP Local Committees,

Democrats on Beacon Hill just voted to raise their own pay, and we need your help to hold them accountable!

After they took 5 months to pass the Governor’s landmark opioid bill aimed at saving lives, Democrats rammed through a pay hike for themselves in a matter of days. Having just returned from a long vacation, Democrats decided to give themselves a raise as their first action of 2017.

We need to hold local Democrats accountable for their Party’s terrible record. And Republican Town Committees can help!

Send the below press release to your local newspaper, filling in the name of the Democrat legislator in your community who voted for this disgraceful pay hike. While every Republican and a handful of Democrats voted against the bill, most Democrats voted to pad their own pockets. And you can hold them accountable. Thanks for your help.

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[DEMOCRAT LEGISLATOR]’s First Vote In 2017: A Self-Serving Pay Raise

[TOWN] — [TOWN] Republican Committee Chair [CHAIR NAME] today issued the following statement regarding the vote by [DEMOCRAT LEGISLATOR] to raise [HIS/HER] own pay:

“The first vote that [DEMOCRAT LEGISLATOR] took this year was to raise [HIS/HER] own pay at the same time that Democrats are asking more of Massachusetts taxpayers. After taking 5 months to pass an important bill to combat opioid addiction, Democrats rammed this pay hike through in a matter of days. Voters should be disappointed in [DEMOCRAT LEGISLATOR]‘s decision to give [HIMSELF/HERSELF] a raise when the Legislature simply hasn’t earned it.” – [TOWN] Republican Committee Chair [NAME]


Democrats took 5 months to pass Governor Baker’s landmark opioid legislation

(Sources: Governor filed bill, October 2015 | Law signed, March 2016)

Democrats moved the pay hike in the House yesterday and the Senate today.   Democrat leaders are pushing a new hike in the income tax. 


MassGOP Chairman Statement On Congresswoman Clark’s Outrageous Partisan Stunt

BOSTON – Congresswoman Katherine Clark is rejecting a bipartisan tradition of respect for the Office of the President and American democracy by refusing to attend this month’s presidential inauguration. Clark’s move is so extreme that virtually none of her Democrat colleagues from Massachusetts or across the country are willing to join her. “This narrow-minded, partisan stunt shows that Congresswoman Clark cares more about scoring political points than respecting our democracy and the Office of the President. Her boycott of the inaugural is such an extreme rejection of bipartisan tradition that even her Democrat colleagues won’t join her position.” -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes


Hughes Re-Elected MassGOP Chairman

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Republican State Committee tonight voted to re-elect Kirsten Hughes as the Chairman of the MassGOP. The State Committee re-elected Hughes by a 46-30 margin. Chairman Hughes issued the following statement: “I am honored to have the opportunity to serve our Republican Party as Chairman for the next two years, and I am ready to work with Republicans across Massachusetts to advance our principles. I am grateful that this process and debate helped to surface new and worthy ideas that will help unify and grow our Party.  During the next two years, we will build on our recent successes: growing the grassroots, investing in our data-driven field operation, and electing Republicans up and down the ticket.  As we enter a new era of unified GOP leadership, I’m excited about the MassGOP’s ability to advance our shared priorities.”



MassGOP Chairman Statement On Beacon Hill Dems Raising Their Own Pay

BOSTON – MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement on Beacon Hill Democrats’ scheme to raise their own pay:  “By scheming to give themselves a raise while pushing a massive tax hike on people across the Commonwealth, Beacon Hill Democrats are demonstrating that they are stunningly out-of-touch with working people. The only thing more outrageous than that, is the fact that these politicians are coming off a five-month vacation and the first thing they do is ram through a pay raise for themselves on the taxpayers’ dime.” -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes 


Beacon Hill Democrats are pushing a massive new tax hike on people across the Commonwealth. (Josh Miller, Lawmakers give millionaires’ tax overwhelming endorsement, Boston Globe, 1/25/17)


Lottery Losing Under Goldberg The Alleged Retailer

BOSTON – On the campaign trail, Deb Goldberg claimed, “I know how to run things,” and said she would leverage her business experience would help improve the state lottery. But with scratch ticket sales dropping under Goldberg’s tenure, it’s clear that she can’t get the job done for the Lottery’s bottom line.

“Deb Goldberg boasted about her business background and promised voters that her ‘retail experience’ would improve the bottom line for the Lottery. But with scratch ticket sales dropping under her tenure, it’s clear she’s not getting the job done, and the cities and towns who rely on local aid from the Lottery will pay the price for her broken promises.” -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes

Bragging, “I Know How To Run Things,” Goldberg Claimed Her “Business” Background Would Help The Lottery

“‘I’m the first retailer who has ever run for treasurer,’ she said…’I know how to run things,’” (Lynn Item, “School conditions don’t add up for state-treasurer candidate,” 10/24/14) “Goldberg said she will use her background in marketing to make sure the lottery remains competitive, will create a volunteer advisory committee, and will take advantage of an upgrade in terminals to be able to quickly reprogram the type of games available.” (Shira Schoenberg, “Candidates for Massachusetts treasurer weigh in on casinos, divestment, job creation,” MassLive, 9/5/14)

But, Lottery Sales Are Dropping Under Her Tenure, Meaning Less Local Aid

“Through the first five months of the fiscal year, the Massachusetts Lottery has sold $11.5 million less of its scratch tickets and draw games than the same period last fiscal year, Executive Director Michael Sweeney said Tuesday, and that year-to-date deficit is expect to grow. … Goldberg said she expects Lottery profits to be down this fiscal year and that the Lottery will return $965 million in profits as local aid to cities and towns, down from the record $986.9 million last fiscal year.” (Colin Young, “Scratch ticket sales down 3 percent at Mass. Lottery,” SHNS, 12/20/16)


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