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Democratic leadership on Beacon Hill currently celebrating 9th straight late budget

BOSTON — Beacon Hill Democrats adjourned once again on Monday without approving a $43 billion budget for the current fiscal year, an annual tradition that is now attracting negative attention from credit rating agencies.

“Democratic leadership on Beacon Hill acts quickly when it wants to, such as the 2017 lightning round when they prioritized their own pay raises,” said Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons. “Yet here we are, the ninth year in a row with no budget by July 1.”

Moody’s, one of the Big Three credit rating agencies, last week declared that the Democrat-dominated state Legislature’s budget-making process “reflects governance weakness.”

The six-member conference committee has been meeting behind closed doors since June 5. Since then, and dating back to the Legislature’s cloak-and-dagger backroom earmark-trading process, the public and the journalists who cover Beacon Hill have been shut out from observing how elected officials allocate public money.

State lawmakers under Democratic leadership have now failed for nine consecutive years to pass a budget on time.

Moody’s has also warned that late budgets “can seriously affect local governments and programs that rely on state money.”

The clandestine conference committee, dictated by Democratic leadership, refuses to divulge the reasons for this year’s budget hold-up.

“Democratic leadership insists on having this process involving taxpayer money done in the dark and out of the public eye,” said Lyons. “I don’t trust them with my money and neither should you.”

MassGOP Statement on the Mueller Report

by Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons, April 18, 2019

“I’m done talking about the Mueller report. The Democrats can talk all they want. The bottom line is that there was no collusion with Russia. The only presidential campaign we know to have colluded with foreign operatives is the same one Americans rejected in 2016. It’s over. It’s time to focus on more important issues affecting Americans, like solving our crisis at the border and making sure socialism has no place in this country.”

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