MassGOP Chairman Lyons’ Releases Statement Regarding Former Governor Bill Weld’s Presidential Announcement

BOSTON – Early this morning, after trying to reclaim a place in the Republican Party, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld announced a grandstanding political gambit that reeks of political opportunism. His self-seeking ploy to divide Republicans will fail.

“Weld is the same ex-Republican who deserted Massachusetts for New York; who endorsed President Barack Obama over Senator John McCain for President; who renounced the GOP for the Libertarian Party; who ran against the Trump-Pence Republican ticket in 2016, while cozying up to Democrat Hillary Clinton,” said MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons. ” After abandoning Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians, Weld demands that faithful Republicans consider him as their standard bearer. Even Benedict Arnold switched allegiances less often! We Republicans will put partisanship aside, reach across the aisle to Democrats, and Libertarians, and reject Bill Weld.”

Peter Lucas: Gov. Baker sure walks, talks and taxes like a Democrat

By Peter Lucas
2/1/2019 9:21:37 AM EST

Lowell Sun Opinion

“Thank you for letting me use your party.”

That is what RINO Gov. Charlie Baker should have written to new conservative Republican Party boss Jim Lyons.

It would have been appropriate since Baker, a lifelong Republican with liberal tendencies, appears more comfortable these days as a would-be Democrat than as a member of a party that has been taken over by conservative Donald Trump supporters.

Baker can be counted on as one of the original critics of the president, beginning even before the 2016 New Hampshire GOP primary and continuing to today.

Baker knows that he owes his re-election victory over Democrat Jay Gonzalez to Democrats and Independents, not to the declining number of Republicans still voting in the state.

Now that he is into his second, and probably last, term as governor, he needs support from the conservatives now running the state committee like he needs a hole in the head.

It is only through compromise and conciliation with Democrats on Beacon Hill — who hold overwhelming liberal majorities in both the House and Senate — that Baker has been able to succeed as chief executive.

“He is really one of us,” one top Democrat said.


Read more: here.


Party Leadership Calls For Change: Demand For Active Leadership

In a stunning turn of events, former Andover State Representative Jim Lyons resoundingly defeated the current State Republican Party Treasurer, Brent Anderson, in the election for state party chairman.

IMG_0291.jpgBefore a packed audience of onlookers and with 77 of the 80 Republican State Committee members present and voting, Jim Lyons garnered 47 votes to Anderson’s 30. In his campaign address, Lyons emphasized his willingness to take the fight to the corrupt Democratic Party establishment in the state, while at the same time committing himself to build party unity.

Perhaps most telling was the statement made by State Committee member Rachel Kemp, during her nomination speech for Lyons, when she declared that state committee members were not a collection of “functionaries” but were Republicans, who deeply care about the state of their party and their state government.  She called upon the committee members to move in a new direction and accept the energetic leadership that Lyons could offer.  

Anderson emphasized his involvement in major state campaigns, as a campaign worker, during the past ten years, in particularly his ties to Lieutenant Governor Karen Polito’s campaigns. 

The election was a clear rejection of the State Party’s current leadership, following the disastrous showing in last November’s election.

Kirsten Hughes, the previous party chair, handed the gavel over to Jim Lyons immediately following his victory.  Hughes had served as chair for the past six years.   She chose not to run for another term in order to take a job with the Baker Administration. 

While Lyons was cordial to the Governor in his remarks, his election was viewed by many as a clear separation of the party leadership from the Baker Administration.



NECN Political Commentator Sue Connell invited three Republican activist on her program last evening to debate the future of the Mass Republican Party.  The three were Lou Murray,  Dennis Galvin, and Ed Lyons.  Murray is the head of a Republican Catholic organization.  Dennis Galvin is the Republican State Committeeman for the First Middlesex District and Ed Lyons is a Republican commentator, who has been published in Commonwealth Magazine, and is featured on WBUR.   While the discussion was short, three key issues emerged.   Why did Baker succeed while the GOP ticket failed ?  How should Republicans relate to President Trump ?  What is the future direction for the Mass GOP ?

Murray acknowledged the Governor’s success but hinted that the Governor walked away from the party during the election. He stated his belief that the Mass GOP was a big enough tent to accommodate a wide arrange of people, and offered his support for President Trump. He urged the party to stay true to its conservative roots.

Galvin acknowledged Baker’s success and said that Republicans could learn from his campaign, however he contrasted Baker’s performance with that of the Republican Party stating that the party organization failed the Republican ticket.  Galvin described the controversy over President Trump as irrelevant to the real issues facing Massachusetts, which include the MBTA, a one party legislature and growing corruption in state government.    He said that party must become the party of the “working people” of Massachusetts.  The road to success means aligning with their needs and concerns.

Lyons said that party should model itself after Governor Baker, offering that he was the only success.  He said that Trump posed a threat to the Republican brand in this state and ties to him should be diminished.   He echoed Galvin’s comments that the party needed to change or it would face extinction, or perhaps worse, irrelevance.

Possible Candidates Emerge as Massachusetts GOP Chair Leaves Post

Now that the Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party has announced she is stepping down from her position, potential leaders are emerging.

Kirsten Hughes, a Quincy city councilor, announced in an email Nov. 16 she would not be seeking a fourth term this January.

Since her announcement, it remains to be seen which direction the party will go.

Will Committee members choose an established, more moderate leader for the party—from what some call the Charlie Baker wing? Or will it choose a more conservative, Trump supporting chair?

Read the rest of this article along with a video and cameo appearance by WRTC member and State Committeeman Dennis Galvin HERE.

About-To-Be-Misallocated Maine Election Is A Warning for Massachusetts

Two-term U.S. Representative Bruce Poliquin, the only Republican member of Congress in New England, got about 2,000 more votes than his nearest competitor, a Democrat, on election day last week.
So he won re-election, right?

Actually, probably not.

Maine two years ago adopted a ranked-choice voting system that asks voters to pick not only the candidate they want to win, but also their second choice. (And third choice, and fourth choice …)

It’s used as a sort of tie-breaker, if no candidate gets an outright majority of votes cast. Except that it’s not really a tie-breaker, since the top two candidates aren’t tied – one of them got more votes than the other, but could still lose. So really, it’s an election flipper.



Kathleen Lynch has won the endorsement of CLT’s 2 ½ Political Action Committee in her election bid for State Representative from the 2nd Middlesex District.

IMG_1766.jpgCLT’S 2 ½ PAC, the political arm of Citizens for Limited Taxation, was originally created to support candidates who would defend Proposition 2 ½ in the State Legislature.  It now endorses candidates who support taxpayers on a variety of issues, and uses the CLT Legislative rating to identify pro-taxpayer legislators.

Francis J. Faulkner, executive director of the PAC, said the group endorsed Lynch based on her strong support for tax limitation.  “We need to put people like Kathy Lynch in the State Legislature to continue the fight for the income tax rollback and to block any attempt to impose new taxes.  In contrast her opponent, Rep. James Arciero, received a lowly zero on Citizens for Limited Taxation’s most recent taxpayer rating.  We are fearful that Rep. Arciero would vote for higher taxes given his record. Kathleen Lynch however, has taken the taxpayer protection pledge. This pledge asks candidates to ‘oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes’. A candidate who signs the pledge is sending a message to legislative leaders that she is serious about not raising taxes and will focus instead on better management of state revenues.”

Faulkner continued, “In serving the best interests of the taxpayers and the economy, we urge the voters of the 2nd Middlesex District to vote for Kathleen Lynch on November 6th.”

Leading GOP Candidates Present Their Views In Local TV Series

The Westford Republican Town Committee (WRTC) partnered with Westford CAT to produce an interesting an informative series on the Republican candidates running for office this election. The program kick-off, featured US Senate Candidate Geoff Diehl, who was followed by Congressional Candidate Rick Green.  State Senate candidate John MacDonald and State Representative candidate Kathy Lynch rounded out the presentations.   Here is rundown of their positions.  Links to the shows are included.  If you watch these four half hour presentations, you will be fully informed about the Republican agenda moving forward in this election.

Lynch Diehl Fox

Geoff Diehl

State Representative Geoff Diehl from Whitman is the Republican candidate for US Senate. He is challenging incumbent US Senator Elizabeth Warren.  During Diehl’s interview with Wade Fox and Kathy Lynch of the WRTC, he offered his experience and his approach to the voters.   State Representative Diehl is perhaps best known for his efforts to roll back the gas tax in 2014.  He led a statewide petition drive to do it, and sources have estimated that this effort saved the taxpayers close to 2B.  Diehl’s priorities are securing the border with Mexico, dealing with the federal budget deficit and improving the Veterans Administration. He was one of the few who opposed the legislative pay raise on Beacon Hill which passed earlier this year.

Rick Green

Rick Green is the CEO of 1A Auto based in Westford with sites in Littleton and Pepperell.  Green offers his experience as an entrepreneur as proof of his ability to help shape an effective economic policy for the third congressional district.  Key to his approach is improving infrastructure.  A top priority will be improving Route 2 so that Gardener and the towns in the western district  can be connected to the state highway system.  He will work to improve the critical infrastructure issues presented by the gas crisis in Lawrence.   The Opioid epidemic is high on his list of priorities. Green will devote a staff member full time to the issue and will work to ensure better coordination between law enforcement authorities.  He is opposed to making Massachusetts a sanctuary state calling the issue one that involves preserving our tradition as a “nation of laws”.

John MacDonald

John MacDonald is best know as the host of “Mac and The Bear” a longstanding radio talk show that ran in Lowell on WCAP for years.  He is running to root out waste and fraud in our state government, to improve our public safety services, particularly in the struggle to end the opioid epidemic, and to ensure that Veterans get better treatment from state government.   MacDonald has taken a term limits pledge of three terms. During that time he will support Governor Baker’s attempt to stop waste and overspending in the state budget by sustaining his vetoes, and he will oppose any attempt to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state. MacDonald has offered pointed criticism of his opponent, disclosing that Democrat Ed Kennedy was the focus of an ethics violation during his time on the Lowell City Council, and that he is also an advocate for safe injection sites for heroin addicts in every community, as his response to the opioid epidemic.

Kathy Lynch

Kathy Lynch is challenging incumbent state representative Democrat Jim Arciero because she is concerned about the education of our children, the health of our communities and the strength of our local businesses.   Lynch points out that the towns of the Second Middlesex District which include Westford, Littleton and Chelmsford have not received adequate levels of state local aid, particularly with regard to Chapter 70 money for education.  She says that causes local communities to raise their property taxes to make up the deficiency.  Lynch is concerned that this will drive our seniors out of the district and will prohibit younger families from coming in and settling here.   An advocate for health and nutrition, Lynch points to concerns over rising Medicaid costs in the state budget, and says that these must be brought under control or more resources will be consumed.  Her approach emphasizes promoting better health practices and supporting the Governor in his efforts to reign in health care costs.  Lynch opposes sanctuary cities and making Massachusetts a sanctuary state.  Her approach to dealing with the opioid crisis places effective treatment, education and enforcement as top priorities.

Wade Fox Says Goodbye

Longstanding WRTC member, former chairman and host of Second Opinion Wade Fox bid Westford farewell following his last interview of this series.  Wade was a great host of Second Opinion and will be remembered for his incisive wit, candor and sense or humor.

Kathy Lynch Speaks on Fairness in Education

IMG_5392Leaders and representatives of Asian-American communities across the nation held a mass rally at the Copley Square in Boston on October 14, 2018 to support SFFA’s (Students for Fair Admissions) lawsuit against Harvard University and to protest Harvard’s anti-Asian discrimination in admissions. This historical event was hosted by Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) and other partnering organizations.

Kathy Lynch, Candidate for State Representative of Westford, Littleton, and Chelmsford spoke on Fairness in Education. Lynch, a mother of two teenagers in the Westford Public Schools and IMG_5406a proponent of quality education exclaimed in her speech, “We need to stop discrimination and recognize applicants, solely, as citizens or non-citizens.  For it is the principles set forth in the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that promise nondiscrimination.”

The Asian Community has been very troubled by discrimination in the college application process — excluding them based upon race. According to court documents, filed in federal court in Boston, Harvard conducted their own internal investigation into admissions policies in 2013 and found a bias against Asian-American applicants that persists today. The Asian-American community has been asking for fair treatment without racial profiling through House Bill 3361 and their Harvard lawsuit. Court proceedings will commence on October 15, 2018. They are fighting for a fair chance at the very best quality of education.

“It is a beautiful thing to have people from different backgrounds as citizens working together for a common cause: the education of our people for the betterment of all. It should behoove us all to see that every citizen succeeds. America promises increased opportunity for those who work hard and perform well. We all need the hope that we will be rewarded by our merits,” said Lynch.

State Rep Candidate Lynch Calls for Unity

There are just over 4 weeks until election day, Tuesday, November 6. At this point in my campaign, I have met thousands of people within the 2nd Middlesex district. I am working hard to reach as many residents as I can.

One thing that is becoming ever-more clear, is that people are many and varied along the political spectrum. That is to be expected. Overall, we have a wonderful district full of kind, level-headed people who enjoy freedom and want the best for their families.

What concerns me, though, is the ever-increasing political divide. You see, too many people watch their brand of news with political bias. News channels peddle their own version of the truth. Instead of focusing just on facts, too many “news” organizations spin the information to fit pre-determined agendas. There is some truth on both sides. There is also political bias. We need the media striving to be objective. Unfair, untrue demonization of persons and political parties needs to stop or we will destroy our state and country. All of us will lose. This video displays the increased polarization that we are experiencing in America now.

Let’s not allow our communities to self-destruct with division. Let’s work together for the benefit of us all. We need to UNIFY!

— Kathy Lynch, Candidate for State Representative for Westford, Littleton, and Chelmsford precincts 5,7,8

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