MassGOP Passes Bold Resolution Calling for Biden’s Removal From Office of President!

At the Quarterly meeting of the Massachusetts Republican Party, September 29, 2021, the seventy members present passed unanimously a resolution in support of the removal of Joseph Biden from the office of president.

The resolution presented by State Committeeman Dennis Galvin and amended by State Committeewoman Kathy Lynch reads:

Whereas: Joseph Biden assumed office as the forty sixth President of The United States on January 20, 2021, following an election in which the Democrat party, significant segments of the American news media, and the corporate leadership of the nation’s Big Tech companies, conspired to shield him from public engagement and scrutiny, denying the American voters a legitimate opportunity to evaluate his candidacy.

Whereas: Upon assuming the Presidency, he embarked upon policies, which have endangered the national security and economy by unilaterally withdrawing support for the XL Pipeline, ending petroleum exploration on US government lands and suppressing the natural gas industry, thus forcing the United States back into global energy dependence.

Whereas: There is mounting evidence that a series of damaging cyber attacks against our nation’s most critical industries (both food and energy} have been traced to locations in Russia, and despite this evidence, President Biden has refused to impose sanctions on the Putin government, allowing them to go forward with the construction of the Nord Stream pipeline.

Whereas: The Communist Government in Beijing is bullying American diplomats, threatening our Asian allies and has refused to participate in an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus, President Biden has failed to credibly respond to these actions to defend our nation’s diplomats, reaffirm our commitment to our Asian allies, and demand full transparency from the Communist government regarding the origins of Covid19.

Whereas: President Biden has willfully allowed the illegal passage of an unprecedented number of immigrants through our southern border, refusing to acknowledge the massive public health and domestic security crisis, that this has created, thus exposing the people of the United States to the dangers and ravages of illegal drugs, covid 19 and potentially organized terrorist activity within our national borders.

Whereas: There is mounting credible evidence to support concerns that President Biden’s son Hunter, is the point person for a nefarious scheme, possibly involving the President himself, to exploit the US Presidency selling access and influence for the
personal gain of the Biden family, thus compromising the nation’s security and global interests.

Whereas: In August 2021, President Biden embarked upon a unilateral decision to initiate a precipitous withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan; abandoning many American citizens and Afghan allies, to the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS, and abandoning the US Embassy along with billions of dollars of valuable state of the art US military equipment. This policy decision has now emboldened these once neutralized extremist elements causing the death of 13 US military personnel and will inevitably lead to a resumption of terrorism and the deaths of many more innocent people.

WhereasA clear and present danger to both the United States and our most loyal Middle East ally Israel is presented by the government of Iran and its renewed efforts to construct a nuclear arsenal. Yet, the Biden Administration has resumed negotiations with that nation, which conceivably could allow such preparations to continue.

Whereas: Joe Biden overstepped his bounds announcing that his administration will be forcing COVID vaccinations on nearly 1/3rd of American citizens – blatantly disregarding the personal objections of millions of people. His intrusive mask and vaccine mandates are an assault on our rights, moving America ever closer towards a medical dictatorship.

Whereas: President Biden’s public appearance, to include, verbal communication, and observed interactions, display evidence of diminished mental acuity, verbal incoherence and a definite reluctance to engage in regular and spontaneous public discourse.

Whereas: Public confidence in this president’s ability to effectively lead, defend and protect the nation, its people and the constitution of the United States is now in serious doubt.

Be It Therefore:

Resolved: That the Massachusetts Republican State Committee regards the Presidency of Joe Biden as a clear and present danger to the safety and security of the United States of America

Resolved: That we urge the members of the United State Congress to swiftly and decisively exercise their constitutional authority, for the sake of the nation, to investigate and pursue all legal avenues to remove Joe Biden from office, whether that involve impeachment, the exercise of the provisions of Article XXV, or by persuading him to resign his office.

Resolved: That this resolution, upon endorsement, be forwarded forthwith to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

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