The Anti-police Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

By John MacDonald

A close friend once said to me during Lori Trahan’s campaign for Congress in 2018 that they were going to support Lori, because she was really a moderate behind closed doors.

They said that she would never really support extreme progressive policies if elected and that they knew her, because: “You know, we went to high school together.”

Another well-known political type said: “I’m supporting Lori, because she grew up in a working-class family, supports business, law enforcement and well, she baby-sat my kids.”

Question: How has supporting Lori Trahan worked out for you now? Not only does Lori agree with defunding the police, but she has aligned herself with the most progressive members of Congress to include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The anti-police chickens have come home to roost.

Both the Massachusetts House and Senate just passed anti-police legislation. Like cowards the state Senate did it under the cloak of darkness, similar to when they voted on their own pay raises. The House also clamored to quickly pass a bill, if only to prove to themselves that they were the most “woke” state Legislature in the country.

Back in 2018, everyone said that there is no way that then-state Senate candidate Ed Kennedy would ever back anti-police legislation, because: “Well his own family is in law enforcement.”.

Well folks he is a progressive, has screwed law abiding citizens and the anti-police chickens have come home to roost.

How about the new progressive star of the Lowell delegation at the Statehouse? Jim Arciero, another member of the “Well, he’s a good guy,” club was the only member of the Lowell delegation to vote against our police. Yes, Jim Arciero who was supported consistently by local police unions and moderate Democrats, chose to partner with his progressive friends by reprimanding and handcuffing the most diverse law enforcement community in the country. Well folks he is a progressive and the anti-police chickens have come home to roost.

Fellow veterans and law-abiding citizens, when will you realize that these “good guys and gals” who say one thing publicly and another thing behind closed doors are political light weights. They are cowards and they are supporting protesters over the very people who are trained to protect us. Progressive politicians are not for law and order. They do not support the police and through their actions over the past few weeks, they have made it loud and clear that they support anarchists over the peaceful majority.

Folks, your votes through the years, supporting the “good guy and gal” club is paying dividends if you chose defunding the police over supporting the police, illegal immigration over legal immigration, higher taxes over tax breaks, voter fraud over voter ID, socialism over capitalism and defiance over patriotism.

Your votes over the years have supported gun control over gun rights. Yes, the same politicians who are choosing to defund the police, are the same politicians who want to strip you of your right to defend yourself, because you know, when the police aren’t around, who’s coming when you call 911 as your door is getting kicked in by anarchists and protesters?

Who’s defending your home, that’s been stripped of armed protection, when a criminal seeks to threaten your loved ones? Will you call, Lori Trahan, Ed Kennedy and Jim Arciero? Well folks, these progressives won’t answer the phone and the anti-police chickens have come home to roost.

It is time for the people of Massachusetts to realize the cost of one-party rule and to send the chickens back home.

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