CAST TWO VOTES THAT COUNT: Lynch and Galvin Seek to Reform MA GOP

79368756_420855222128577_5706994655632031744_oMarch 3, 2020 is the Presidential primary. There is a race on the Republican ballot with significant ramifications for this Commonwealth. In addition to the presidential race, Republican and Un-enrolled voters, selecting a Republican ballot, will also be voting for representatives to the Republican State Committee. This is the policy making board for the state’s Republican party and guides its direction. It sets the party’s strategy, direction and priorities.

This race is particularly significant this year. Massachusetts is widely known as the “bluest of blue” states. Consequently, Massachusetts voters are given very limited options at the polls. The choice generally comes down to which candidate wants to raise taxes less. Additionally, a great misconception has been perpetrated, that by having a Republican Governor, we have bipartisan government, even when the state’s legislature is overwhelmingly Democrat. This masquerade simply hides the fact that the Republican Governor is a “lame duck.”

Massachusetts politics has become increasingly lopsided over the past fifty years. Voters should not be fooled into believing that this has occurred because of the persuasive power of the Democratic party message. Politics have devolved here for two reasons. First, much of the Democrat vote is bought through patronage jobs, and through the influence of state contracts and benefits. Second, the Republican party relinquished the field. Rather than press their case, many GOP leaders adopted a “go along to get along approach” in order to gain favor with the Democrat majority.

In January of 2019, former state representative Jim Lyons of Andover was elected chairman of the party in a major upset. Since that election, Lyons has made it clear that the MA GOP will end its slumber, and begin to aggressively advocate for those issues that are important to working people: promoting small business, improving transportation, ensuring effective domestic security, defending civil liberties, and ending the culture of corruption that has characterized state government for so long.

However, to do that, he will need the support of the Republican State Committee. The Committee is comprised of two elected representatives from each state senatorial district. One representative has to be a man and the other a woman. Kathy Lynch is running to become the district’s State Committeewoman. Dennis Galvin is running for re-election as the State Committeeman. Both are committed to supporting Lyon’s efforts and both have won his endorsement. They have the integrity, the courage, and the drive to be outstanding representatives for the Republicans in the First Middlesex District. Massachusetts needs more than one idea, and one way of thinking if it is going to successfully meet the challenges of the future. Vote for Kathy Lynch and Dennis Galvin, help restore the vibrancy of a two party democracy in Massachusetts once again.

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