Associate of Mary Burns In The Statehouse “Culture Of Corruption” Indicted For Misuse Of Funds

          WCVB Television news has reported the indictment and arrest of Lowell Democratic State Representative Dave Nangle.  FBI and IRS agents arrested Nangle this morning at his home.  He has been charged with misusing campaign funds to cover personal gambling debts.  The indictment alleges that he has been doing this since 2014. 87055583_2568647410072517_4259168434350194688_n
          Representative Nangle has been an associate of Republican State Committee candidate Mary Burns for some time.   Nangle is one of several Democratic candidates, that Burns has admittedly made donations to over the years, describing Nangle as “ a friend”.   Burns has dismissed a censure by the Lowell Republican City Committee for making such contributions saying that “ you have to take care of your friends”.
          This is a classic example of how the culture of corruption works on Beacon Hill. Decisions are made based solely on personal considerations involving money and relationships. The needs of the people are ignored.  This practice has turned democracy in this state into a farse.  This is why House Speaker Robert DeLeo is able to act as legislative dictator.  People like Nangle and Burns enable him.  This is not an isolated event, and there will be serious ramifications for all Massachusetts citizens if this way of doing business does not change.  It should now be clear that if Burns is elected, she will work to stifle legitimate opposition in order to preserve her own personal influence with the Beacon Hill crowd.  That has been her history, and there is no reason to think she will change.  Republicans have an opportunity to set a new and decisive direction for our party toward honest government; government that will serve the public good not the special interest. Vote Kathy Lynch on March 3, 2020 for Republican State Committeewoman for the First Middlesex District.

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