Proposed MA Bill Turns Colleges Into Abortion-Mills on Your Dime

On September 10, 2019, there was a hearing on House Bill 3841, titled “An Act to require public universities to provide medication abortion.” This bill would require all of our public college and university campuses to fund abortion centers for chemically-induced abortions.

There is significant concern over the safety of chemically-induced abortions. This can be a grueling multi-day process where a drug is given orally at the first office visit. The pill causes the lining of the uterus to break down. Then, tablets are taken orally or inserted vaginally about 36 to 72 hours after the first pill. The tablets cause contractions that expel a dead baby. Painful and risky side effects include cramping, contractions, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heavy bleeding, hemorrhage, and infection. The procedure is unsuccessful up to 10% of the time with the potential of requiring an additional, risky surgical procedure. This terrible process that girls and young women go through can make them feel ashamed, frightened, alone, and forsaken. To call these facilities “health centers” is a misnomer, unless you think that killing infant human beings and forcing mothers to go through dangerous multi-day procedures is health.

This Bill would lead to more abortion-industry PROFIT without regard for the suffering of our young mothers and the condemning-to-death of babies growing in the womb. To the abortion industry, chemical abortions are a quick, cheap product they can sell, requiring no surgical equipment, doctor, or hospital. Our college students, who are unsuspecting consumers, are given every reason under the sun to go through with abortion. What mothers really need are resources to help them financially, emotionally, and physically to have the baby and keep it or give it up for adoption to a loving family. Fortunately, there are many such pregnancy centers throughout Massachusetts to help mothers in need.

With this proposed law, tuition and fees would be used to fund abortions. College administrators would have no recourse or ability to adjust to parental concerns. As if tuition and fees aren’t already high enough, now they would be increased along with your added tax dollars to pay for abortions. In effect, this bill turns public university and college health centers into abortion mills. Our daughters deserve better than the horror being pushed by the abortion industry. You will see the reality of chemical (and surgical) abortions by watching the movie, Unplanned, which depicts the personal and career life of Abby Johnson a past Planned Parenthood Director. Challenge your legislators to go see Unplanned HERE. Let them know you are opposed to colleges and universities being made into abortion mills as depicted so well in the movie.

There is a ballot initiative happening right now to help stop taxpayer funded abortion. 100,000 signatures are needed by November 20, 2019 to get this measure on the 2022 ballot. Please sign up to volunteer HERE.  You can find more information at

– Kathy Lynch

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