Galvin Seeks Second Term On Massachusetts Republican State Committee

DGalvin_FILE PHOTOGRAI have decided to run for re-election as your representative to the Massachusetts Republican State Committee.  Since 2016, when I was first elected, a lot has happened in our nation and state.  Confidence in our Federal government has eroded, following an attempt to remove our elected President from office, through rogue actions of the FBI, CIA and Justice Department.   Our President has faced vicious personal attacks on a daily basis intended to undermine his efforts to bring security and prosperity to our people.   Our state government finds itself in crisis as recent revelations about the MBTA, the Mass State Police and the Registry of Motor Vehicles, demonstrate massive incompetence and corruption.  Radicals are espousing the curtailment of our basic rights, and in some case are encouraging violence to intimidate our citizens from expressing themselves, and from participating in our democracy.  The Republican party has become their primary target.

I have been very active trying to meet the challenges we face as a society and as a party.  Our first order of business must be to organize and develop an effective party organization that can hold government accountable, and defend against the assaults we are facing daily. The Massachusetts Republican Party has for the last decade been unable to do this, consequently your liberty, prosperity, safety and security are at risk.

However, there is cause for hope.  In January of 2019, following the most disastrous political year the party has ever experienced, I along with other reformers were able to elect former state representative Jim Lyons as chair.  Since taking office, he has worked tirelessly to identify and correct problems within the party, which have impeded its effectiveness.   He is facing serious challenges in his effort to do this and will need strong support from the state committee membership.  I intend to provide that support.  He has included me on his reform team.  I have recently been appointed as chair of the by- law committee and I am now a member of the Executive Committee.

After all the struggle, sacrifice and frustration, that we have shared over the course of the many years of our mutual political efforts, there is finally a real opportunity to bring the people of Massachusetts an authentic and competitive Republican party.  I need your continued support in order to do my part to make this happen.  I am asking for your vote during the Massachusetts Presidential primary in March of 2020.    Thank you.

Dennis J. Galvin
First Middlesex
Republican State Committee

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