The rise of socialism in the US has brought a more radical element to Congress. The poster child is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.  Her calls for wealth redistribution and her uncompromising confrontations with both moderates and conservatives find their root in Marxist socialism. Unlike the older more utopian forms, which were often Christian based, the contemporary Marxist brand is “scientific”, rooted in materialism.  The sworn enemy of religion, it views belief in God as a nefarious social construct intended to oppress mankind.  It rejects moral values like honesty and respect for life.  Violence, theft and lies are all part of its repertoire.  Joseph Gobbles, the propagandist for National Socialist Germany said  “tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will begin to believe it.” The lie is at the heart of socialism.

Socialism’s biggest lie is its claim to be the true voice of the people.  All socialist institutions preface their titles with “the people’s this; the people’s that,” but what actually is the voice of the people?  In the American tradition, it is a mandate derived from free and continuous elections, where each citizen gets one vote. This voice is implemented through an implied agreement between the voters and a smaller, more organized group of people, called the government, who actually carry out the people’s will.  However, history demonstrates, that even in democracies, governments have their own will, which can be at odds with that of the people.  Consequently, elections must be continuous to ensure that timely adjustments to the people’s mandate can be made to more approximate its true intent.  A true expression of the people’s will demands that each vote be honestly cast by free independent voters, who submit their votes based upon an honest evaluation of the issues, and an honest intent to improve our society.  Consequently, elected office holders sometimes lose their jobs.

Socialism changes this system by multiplying the influence of the government over the people, to the point where it ultimately dictates their will.  This is done by controlling and influencing the economy, which is what socialism openly declares it will do.  The influence is gained through the extension of benefits, imposition of regulations, awarding of contracts, or by direct government employment.  Voters are essentially purchased or coerced.  As economic influence expands over an increasing number of voters, the “voice of the people” becomes corrupted through bribery or intimidation.  Unlike a free enterprise economy, workers have far less choice over where they can work, because the government either provides or authorizes employment.  What happens to citizens, who have a grievance with their government in a socialist society?   They keep their mouths shut or risk losing their livelihood or benefits.

Karl Marx openly called for the destruction of democratic institutions and sought a “dictatorship”.  He predicted that a vanguard of revolutionaries would rise to represent the will of the people, because “the people” would never recognize their own interest.   How are these leaders to be selected?  By restricting participation in government until only a small number of connected people have a voice, hence the creation of an aristocracy.  Look at the lack of turnover in the Massachusetts statehouse.  Socialism’s ultimate goal is to eliminate popular elections for fear of counterrevolution; which is the desire of the people to return to democracy.

Socialists love to exploit the romanticism associated with the American Revolution to support their calls for violent social change. However, their agenda has nothing to do with bringing forth liberty or equality before the law. Their aim is to destroy the legal and social edifices, that have allowed freedom to flourish in our land for 250 years, and to construct a more ruthless and brutal aristocracy, than the one we threw off.  Democratic revolution and socialist revolution are two different things. Thomas Jefferson wrote the manifesto for the former declaring “all men to be endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  Karl Marx wrote the latter manifesto proclaiming that “ the history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggle.”   One offers hope of social stability and inclusion; the other offers violence and liquidation.  One seeks a win-win outcome, the other a zero sum game.

What we are witnessing in Washington today is a political insurrection by a Democratic party inspired in part by Marxist ideas.   The rapacious and baseless attacks on our President, are not motivated by a search for truth, they follow Lenin’s stratagem of “vanquishing your opponent”.  Whether you like  President Trump or not, he has unmasked the truly precarious position of freedom and liberty in America today.  The use of vicious and relentless personal attacks; as well as, the government’s intelligence apparatus to identify and harass opponents, is now a political strategy endorsed by today’s Democratic party.  This will not end with President Trump.  Anyone who dares challenge the Democratic party agenda can expect the same.

Marxism is a hate based ideology.  A political party that harnesses hate will never bring stability or security to any society because such a party is in constant need of enemies.  Hatred is its’ unifying principle.  When one group of opponents has been decimated, the party will find others.  Fear will paralyze and isolate those in opposition until ultimately everyone is consumed, and society plunges into complete and utter chaos, look at Venezuela.

A dark chasm divides our nation today created by ignorance and emptiness of soul.  Abraham Lincoln warned us that “ we shall live for all time as free men or die by suicide.”  Today, our nation stands like a man struggling with his sanity, holding a loaded gun, pointed at his heart.   The hand on that trigger belongs to socialist America.   Whether the trigger is pulled depends on whether the saner side of our national psyche can prevail.

– Dennis Galvin


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