Rally Held in Westford to Oppose Late-term Abortion/Infanticide Bills

More than 200 people gathered on the Westford Common Thursday, May 16th to support life and oppose proposed changes to the state’s abortion law.

House Bill 3320 and Senate Bill 1209 would expand abortions beyond 24 weeks gestation up until and even after birth. Babies born alive would be subject to legalized infanticide in the event a baby survived an abortion attempt.

Participants in the rally opposed several other provisions in the bills. The proposed bills would eliminate requirements that late-term abortions be performed in a hospital by a physician. They would expand taxpayer funding of abortion. And, the bills would eliminate the requirement that a girl age 17 or younger have the consent of a parent, guardian or judge.

The rally, organized by Westford resident and Westford Republican Town Committee Chair, Kathy Lynch, included collaboration from area churches, pro-life organizations, and civics organizations. Lynch said, “Sadly, many are unaware of the provisions in these bills or choose to turn a blind eye to them. As people learn the truth, they are horrified. This rally allowed participants to show their opposition in a peaceful manner.”

The wife of MA Republican Party Chair, Bernadette Lyons, Republican State Committeewoman, Debbie Dugan, and  C. J. Williams of Massachusetts Citizens for Life were among the speakers. Republicans came out in high numbers. People of all faiths, color, creed and political persuasion were invited to attend. C.J. Williams urged the crowd to contact their State Senators and Representatives to vote against these “anti-woman, anti-girl” bills. Westford State Representative, Jim Arciero, is a co-sponsor of House Bill 3320.


Pro-life sidewalk counselor, Bernadette Lyons, speaks to crowd of 200+ people.

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