Leading GOP Candidates Present Their Views In Local TV Series

The Westford Republican Town Committee (WRTC) partnered with Westford CAT to produce an interesting an informative series on the Republican candidates running for office this election. The program kick-off, featured US Senate Candidate Geoff Diehl, who was followed by Congressional Candidate Rick Green.  State Senate candidate John MacDonald and State Representative candidate Kathy Lynch rounded out the presentations.   Here is rundown of their positions.  Links to the shows are included.  If you watch these four half hour presentations, you will be fully informed about the Republican agenda moving forward in this election.

Lynch Diehl Fox

Geoff Diehl

State Representative Geoff Diehl from Whitman is the Republican candidate for US Senate. He is challenging incumbent US Senator Elizabeth Warren.  During Diehl’s interview with Wade Fox and Kathy Lynch of the WRTC, he offered his experience and his approach to the voters.   State Representative Diehl is perhaps best known for his efforts to roll back the gas tax in 2014.  He led a statewide petition drive to do it, and sources have estimated that this effort saved the taxpayers close to 2B.  Diehl’s priorities are securing the border with Mexico, dealing with the federal budget deficit and improving the Veterans Administration. He was one of the few who opposed the legislative pay raise on Beacon Hill which passed earlier this year.  http://westford.vod.castus.tv/vod/?video=061d12b4-6d33-4f5a-ade2-6abb91d2b67f&nav=search/second%20opinion

Rick Green

Rick Green is the CEO of 1A Auto based in Westford with sites in Littleton and Pepperell.  Green offers his experience as an entrepreneur as proof of his ability to help shape an effective economic policy for the third congressional district.  Key to his approach is improving infrastructure.  A top priority will be improving Route 2 so that Gardener and the towns in the western district  can be connected to the state highway system.  He will work to improve the critical infrastructure issues presented by the gas crisis in Lawrence.   The Opioid epidemic is high on his list of priorities. Green will devote a staff member full time to the issue and will work to ensure better coordination between law enforcement authorities.  He is opposed to making Massachusetts a sanctuary state calling the issue one that involves preserving our tradition as a “nation of laws”. http://westford.vod.castus.tv/vod/?video=cb45a992-6aaf-4740-978c-39239e96ee12

John MacDonald

John MacDonald is best know as the host of “Mac and The Bear” a longstanding radio talk show that ran in Lowell on WCAP for years.  He is running to root out waste and fraud in our state government, to improve our public safety services, particularly in the struggle to end the opioid epidemic, and to ensure that Veterans get better treatment from state government.   MacDonald has taken a term limits pledge of three terms. During that time he will support Governor Baker’s attempt to stop waste and overspending in the state budget by sustaining his vetoes, and he will oppose any attempt to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state. MacDonald has offered pointed criticism of his opponent, disclosing that Democrat Ed Kennedy was the focus of an ethics violation during his time on the Lowell City Council, and that he is also an advocate for safe injection sites for heroin addicts in every community, as his response to the opioid epidemic. http://westford.vod.castus.tv/vod/?video=b2b64e71-54e0-4dc0-a8ef-ffbe1bfb3c31

Kathy Lynch

Kathy Lynch is challenging incumbent state representative Democrat Jim Arciero because she is concerned about the education of our children, the health of our communities and the strength of our local businesses.   Lynch points out that the towns of the Second Middlesex District which include Westford, Littleton and Chelmsford have not received adequate levels of state local aid, particularly with regard to Chapter 70 money for education.  She says that this inadequacy causes local communities to raise their property taxes to make up for the deficiency.  Lynch is concerned that this will drive our seniors out of the district and will prohibit younger families from coming in and settling here.  An advocate for health and nutrition, Lynch points to concerns over rising Medicaid costs in the state budget, and says that these must be brought under control or more resources will be consumed.  Her approach emphasizes promoting better health practices and supporting the Governor in his efforts to reign in health care costs.  Lynch opposes sanctuary cities and making Massachusetts a sanctuary state.  Her approach to dealing with the opioid crisis places effective treatment, education and enforcement as top priorities.  http://westford.vod.castus.tv/vod/?video=cfb4b6a8-f92e-44ef-a5bc-3f1766ca663a

Wade Fox Says Goodbye

Longstanding WRTC member, former chairman and host of Second Opinion Wade Fox bid Westford farewell following his last interview of this series.  Wade was a great host of Second Opinion and will be remembered for his incisive wit, candor and sense or humor.

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