State Rep Candidate Lynch Calls for Unity

There are just over 4 weeks until election day, Tuesday, November 6, 2018. At this point in my campaign, I have met thousands of people within the 2nd Middlesex district. I am working hard to reach as many residents as I can.

One thing that is becoming ever-more clear, is that people are many and varied along the political spectrum. That is to be expected. Overall, we have a wonderful district full of kind, level-headed people who enjoy freedom and want the best for their families.

What concerns me, though, is the ever-increasing political divide. You see, too many people watch their brand of news with political bias. News channels peddle their own version of the truth. Instead of focusing just on facts, too many “news” organizations spin the information to fit pre-determined agendas. There is some truth on both sides. There is also political bias. We need the media striving to be objective. Unfair, untrue demonization of persons and political parties needs to stop or we will destroy our state and country. All of us will lose. This video displays the increased polarization that we are experiencing in America now.

Let’s not allow our communities to self-destruct with division. Let’s work together for the benefit of us all. We need to UNIFY!

— Kathy Lynch, Candidate for State Representative for Westford, Littleton, and Chelmsford precincts 5,7,8

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