GOP ISSUES CALL FOR ACTION: Future Of Massachusetts Now Hangs In The Balance

The primaries have concluded and the stage is set for an ideological political battle not seen in Massachusetts for a century.  Progressives staged a decisive victory for the heart of the Democratic Primary tonight, when Ayanna Pressly defeating 10 term incumbent Congressman Mike Capuano, signaling a major shift to the “hard left” by the state’s Democrats.  Pressly was backed by ultra left wing zealot Attorney General Maura Healy, who threw the full weight of her organization behind Pressly.  With Senator Elizabeth Warren heading the ticket, Massachusetts is poised to follow California as the next bastion of progressive/socialist government, unless they are stopped.  The progressives have declared that they are openly targeting President Trump, and anyone, who supported him.

On the Republican side, battle hardened Geoff Diehl got the GOP nod to take on Warren.  He will head a full ticket of Republican hopefuls in November.  The GOP slate is as follows: US Senate-Geoff Deihl,  Governor-Charles Baker,  Lieutenant Governor-Karen Polito, Attorney General -Jay MacMahon, Secretary of State-Anthony Amore, Treasurer- Keiko Orral,  Auditor- Helen Brady, US Congress Third District-Rick Green,  State Senate First Middlesex- John MacDonald, State Representative Second Middlesex- Kathy Lynch.  It is a great slate of conservative candidates, who need your help and support.  They are fighting to defend your interest and your constitutional rights. You cannot sit this one out.

Consider this as a call for action.  Unless you want to live in a state, where your right to choose your health care is taken from you; where cops are handcuffed in their battle to preserve our streets; where law abiding gun owners are disarmed, and drug dealers operate unchecked;  where your citizenship means nothing, and where you will be taxed to the hilt, then you have to step forward now and help.  You don’t have to do a lot but your help is needed.  Please contact Dennis Galvin, the Republican State Committeeman for this district, either through this email or by phone at 978-846-2635 and let us know your availability.  There are plenty of things that you can do. There are 9 weeks to the election, surely you can spare some time.  Please call.

– Dennis Galvin

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