Kathy Lynch, Candidate for State Representative in Westford, Littleton, and Chelmsford, signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, pledging to the taxpayers of Massachusetts that, if elected, she will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes. Lynch is joining the 256 members of the US Congress, 10 governors, and nearly 1,000 state legislators across the country who have signed the pledge because they believe the problem is not that the hard-working people are paying too few taxes, but that the government is spending too much money.


There is a large body of evidence that supports the belief that keeping tax rates as low as possible promotes economic growth.  Tax Foundation economist William McBride’s survey of 26 studies dating to 1983 found that “all but three of those studies, and every study in the last 15 years, find a negative effect of taxes on growth.”  John Hood, chairman of the John Locke Foundation, analyzed over 700 peer-reviewed academic journal articles going back to 1990.  Most of those studies found that lower tax levels and spending correlate with stronger economic performance.


When individuals and businesses are taxed less, they have more disposable income to spend, which not only benefits our economy, but allows people to give back.  For instance, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted at the federal level last year, has given 90% of wage earners a higher take-home pay and has allowed companies of all sizes to help, not only their customers, but their employees and the charities they support.  Like many other Massachusetts companies, Rick Green, CEO of 1A Auto, Inc. in Westford will be using the tax savings to lower prices for his customers as well as give bonuses to his employees. Other companies are using their tax savings to increase their base pay to well above minimum wage, hire new employees, improve employee benefit packages, grow their businesses, and increase their charitable giving.


Kathy Lynch will be a strong advocate for less government spending and a strong economy with her pledge of no tax increases. Kathy Lynch can be reached by email: and web:,

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