Wyoming Convention Results

Republican Conventions

 Ted Cruz 644 66.3% 9
 Marco Rubio 189 19.5 1
 Donald J. Trump 70 7.2 1
 John Kasich 0 0.0
Uncommitted 68 7.0 1
Other 0 0.0


ABC News

  • INES DELACUETARA CASPER, Wyoming — Apr 16, 2016

Ted Cruz swept all 14 delegate slots at stake in today’s Wyoming state Republican Party convention, marking yet another state meeting where Cruz’s ground game and local party leader support boosted his delegate pursuit of Donald Trump.

The Texas senator’s success here means that 23 of the state’s 29 delegates will be bound to Cruz on the first ballot. Trump has one, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has one and the other four are uncommitted.

Of the 14 alternates, seven are Cruz supporters and seven are uncommitted.

Following his sweep of Colorado’s delegates last weekend, the Cruz campaign was once again showing its organizational prowess, strengthening his good position in multilevel convention contests where local party officials choose the state’s national delegates.

Donald Trump‘s organization in the state failed to fill a full slate of 14 preferred delegates for the open slots. Only six names were on the Trump slate even though any registered Republican in the state was eligible to be nominated with the support of just one of the almost 500 state-level delegates.



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