McGaha on March 1st

As you know, on Tuesday, March 1st Republicans will have a choice as they vote in the Presidential Primary. What has not been in the headlines, is a local race for Republican State Committee Woman in the 1st Middlesex Senatorial District which covers the towns of Westford, Lowell, Tyngsboro, Dunstable, Pepperell, and Groton. Georjann McGaha is my choice for this important job of supporting and developing local town committees and spreading the GOP brand across the state.

Our current State Committeewoman, Susan Slade, is stepping down after dedicating 21 years promoting the Republican party. As a registered Republican who has been involved in local politics for over a decade, I believe that Georjann McGaha is the best person to fill this open seat. McGaha is already a regular attender at local town committee meetings and state committee meetings. She has been a driving force behind the Tank the Gas Tax and End Common Core initiatives. She has spent literally hundreds of hours working for various local, state, and national Republican candidates over the past ten years. She has done everything from phone banks to literature drops, going door to door or standing outside Market Basket with signature papers, holding signs every election day, fundraising, writing letters to the editor, and poll watching.

Her leadership positions include, Past VP and President of Middlesex Republican Women and Past VP and President of MA Republican Assemblies 3rdCongressional District. She was an active member of the Westford Republican Town Committee from 2005-2014. She attended the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul as the Fifth Congressional District Alternate Delegate. Currently McGaha is a member of the Lowell Republican City Committee, an Associate Member of the Westford Republican Town Committee and a member of Citizens for Limited Taxation.

Georjann has the experience, leadership and enthusiasm to serve our district well. I urge those who take a Republican ballot on March 1st to make sure they follow down to the end of the ballot and vote for Georjann McGaha for State Committeewoman.

Catherine Panetta Creed


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