Galvin Voices Frustration At Governor’s Influence In GOP State Committee Race

Westford voters will head to the polls on March 1 for Massachusetts’ Presidential Primary and Westford Republicans will also choose male and female members of their party’s State Committee.

In that race, GOP State Committeeman Candidate Dennis Galvin has cited his frustration with recent endorsements by Governor Charlie Baker.

Recently Baker endorsed Galvin’s opponent Jordan Gys, who served on Baker’s campaign staff in 2014.

Gys is one of many candidates supported by Baker across the state, which Baker representatives told the Boston Globe was an effort to support advocates who share Baker’s vision of “an inclusive Republican Party focused on growing its numbers and winning elections.”

Galvin, who said he campaigned for Baker alongside his own campaign for the First Middlesex House District in 2014, voiced displeasure with the Governor taking sides in a race where he feels Baker should be supporting all Republicans equally.

“The vigorous challenge made by Republican candidates for the House and Senate in 2014 helped Baker drive out his vote,” said Galvin. “(This decision is) certainly not an example of enlightened leadership; one might conclude that Baker is trying to destroy the party, not build it.”

Baker has not been the only force making endorsements in the campaign. In Westford, the Westford Republican Town Committee recently endorsed Galvin.

However, Galvin, a Westford resident, sees no comparison between the endorsements.

“I got $250, but to compare it with this race is apples and oranges,” he said. “You have a massive expenditure of money, and it’s going across the state.”

In contrast, Gys says he has supported Baker’s efforts in the past, and that Galvin’s frustration with Baker’s efforts is counterproductive.

Dennis Galvin (R-Westford) speaks against the gas tax during an event in Lowell

Dennis Galvin (R-Westford) speaks against gas taxes during an event in Lowell in 2014.

“I’m extremely grateful for Governor Baker’s support, which is based on my commitment to building a stronger Republican Party that advanced our principles, grows our numbers and wins elections,” he said. “These are positive and unifying objectives, and my opponent’s attacks on Governor Baker demonstrates why he is not the best candidate to advance these goals.”

Gys and Galvin will seek Republican votes in a district that includes Westford as well as Dunstable, Groton, Lowell, Pepperell and Tyngsborough.


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