Galvin Is Best Hope For A Better GOP State Committee

This March 1st, we Massachusetts Republicans will vote for our choices in the Presidential primary and then the national campaign will roll out of here, on to its eventual conclusion. Normally little noticed is the selection seen at the bottom of the ballot slip for the GOP State committeeman in the 1st Middlesex District (Westford, Tyngsboro, Pepperell, Lowell, Groton, Dunstable). However this year the selection may be more critical than ever. The State Committee, as the overarching effort to build the base and still illuminate Republican values, needs experienced and campaign tested leaders.

The clear choice is Dennis Galvin, a proven and dynamic leader who has stood for Republican Party values when no one else would stand up to what seemed insurmountable odds. Dennis has a background that uncontestably makes him the best candidate for the State Committee. Over 25 years of successful Public and Private service in Massachusetts, Community service leader in critical youth development activities, Three term Town Planning Board Member, Republican Town Committee member and twice the GOP Standard bearer in the 2nd Middlesex Massachusetts House race are but a few of his documented credentials. Dennis has lead the growth of the GOP in this district because he pays attention to details, has a commitment to the strategic vision of the GOP and is able to engage a wide range of potential members and voters, regardless of age, cultural perspective or town/city location. He does this by actually listening to the public and then works under his most notable quote “Common sense should be our common virtue”.

As a member of a Republican Town committee for over 15 years and a past State Committeeman, I believe we must have Dennis as our first choice in this election. His support of the Party philosophy is strong and well documented through his years of Editorial submissions. Having stood for principle in tough elections, he is independent of any potential pressure to conform for political expediency sake, and lastly, in my opinion, is the caliber of Committeeman that will deeply concern the Democratic Party of Massachusetts.

So if you will pardon the pun, I hope my endorsement will “Galvanize” you to vote for Dennis on March 1st. Regardless of your Presidential selection, voting for Dennis will give you an early victory to celebrate.


Wade Fox

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