Creative Taxation


The Massachusetts Taxpayer’s Best Ally PAC (MTBA) is calling on MA voters to reach out the their legislators and tell them to vote against Bill S 2052 which recently pass the Senate.

The bill, incredibly would add a “User Fee” to every can of paint sold in the Commonwealth.  This fee would be over and above the existing sales tax already levied on each can of paint sold.  The concept of a “User Fee” is just another in a long list of creative new ways the legislature is attempting to get around direct tax increases, while sticking it to the taxpayers.  The most infamous of this new methods was their linking of gas tax increases to inflation.  That tax as you probably recall was killed with Ballot Question 1 in 2014.  The same principals who managed that effort are now head manning MTBA.

In their release Press Release, MTBA asks that you please let your legislator know that we will not tolerate any tax increase, regardless of the form in which they come.  Your legislator can be reached by calling the State House switchboard at 617-722-2000.  Tell them to vote against the Paint Stewardship bill S 2052.

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