This is no Joke!

Massachusetts Taxpayers Best Ally PAC

Formerly Tank Automatic Gas Taxes

For the first time in two months the Massachusetts State Senate held a full formal session. They should stay on vacation.

Today the Senate passed a new tax on paint.
Unfortunately, this is not a joke.
They are creating a “user fee” on every can of paint sold in Massachusetts. Add this to the list of 101 reasons to shop in New Hampshire.
This “fee” will be in addition to the sales tax we already pay.
The tax-and-spend liberals just don’t seem to get the message we pay enough in taxes. Why are they always looking to take more money out of wallets instead of ending the abuse of our tax dollars?
Help us stop this outrageous new tax by calling your legislator at 617-722-2000!
The legislation is called the Paint Stewardship bill and the number is S.2052.


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