In Boston, Clinton Unveils Plan For Multi-Billion Dollar Spending Spree To Shore Up Left Wing


BOSTON — As Hillary Clinton lands in Boston today, she is continuing a frantic rush to the extreme left to appease left-wing activists and union bosses amid Bernie Sanders’ rising support. Clinton’s latest tactic is to unveil a new plan for another Washington spending spree. But her record indicates she fails to reveal just how much she plans to raise taxes for her new big-government programs.

“Hard-working taxpayers should be wary of Hillary Clinton’s proposed hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending that she is unveiling today in Boston,” said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. “Clinton has already promised new programs with enormous price tags, without specifying how she’ll pay for it. Now, as Bernie Sanders continues to pick up union support, it’s clear Clinton is playing to the far-left with this multi-billion dollar spending spree pitch.”


Clinton Plans To Unveil Her Latest Plans For A Washington Spending Spree, After Failing To Specify Who Will Pay For Her Existing Proposals

Hillary Clinton plans to unveil a new big-spending program in Boston today.“Hillary Clinton will unveil the largest plank of her economic agenda in the coming weeks, proposing hundreds of billions of dollars in spending, primarily on infrastructure projects, according to a campaign aide,” (Abby Phillip, Clinton to unveil large economic spending proposal in Boston, Boston Globe, 11/29/15)
Clinton has already released at least $500 billion other spending plans, but “it Isn’t clear yet” who would face few taxes, or what deductions and loopholes she would close. “The Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign estimates that her plan — which would include ‘no-loan tuition’ at state schools — would cost about $350 billion over 10 years. Like many candidates, lawmakers and presidents before her, she is looking to the richest Americans to foot the bill. ‘Clinton’s New College Compact plan … will be fully paid for by closing tax loopholes and expenditures for the most fortunate,’ according to documents from the campaign. Just how fortunate isn’t clear yet, nor is it clear which specific tax breaks and ‘loopholes’ Clinton will target specifically.” (Jeanne Sahadi, “Who Will Pay For Hillary Clinton’s College Plan,” CNN, 8/10/15)
Clinton has made “no reference to the cost of financing” her childcare initiative, which will cost at least $200 billion. “In addition, Clinton ‘called for doubling our investment in Early Head Start and the Early Head Start-Child Care partnerships.’ There is a lot of background about the importance of early childhood education, but there is no reference to the cost or financing of the initiative.” (Phillip Klein, “Hillary Clinton ‘Fact Sheet’ On Her Universal Preschool Proposal Doesn’t Say How She’ll Pay For It,” The Washington Examiner, 6/15/15)

Clinton’s Trip To Boston Comes Amid Spiraling Support As Local Labor Leaders Scoff At Her Campaign 

Massachusetts union leaders have scoffed at the Clinton machine. “When asked about Clinton’s candidacy, [Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steven] Tolman was less effusive: ‘Who? Who? Please. I mean with all respect, huh?'” (Brian Mahoney, “AFL-CIO leader tries to quell pro-Sanders revolt,” POLITICO, 7/3/15)

Influential local labor leaders are bucking Clinton and leading Bernie Sanders’ campaign among labor. “[Labor for Bernie] was created after Sanders announced his candidacy last spring by longtime organizers including Rand Wilson, who directs policy and communications for Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 888 in Massachusetts.” (Josh Eidelson, Labor for Bernie Means Headaches for Hillary,” Bloomberg Politics, 11/12/15)

Major local unions are bucking Clinton and lining up behind Sanders. (NH Labor News, “Massachusetts & Rhode Island Telephone Workers Unions Endorse Bernie Sanders For President,” 9/27/15)


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