Mass GOP condemns “sanctuary cities”


On Wednesday evening (November 18, 2015) the State Committee of the Massachusetts Republican Party overwhelmingly passed the following Resolution Condemning Illegal Immigration:

“Whereas, illegal immigration is a serious threat to our municipalities, our Commonwealth, and our Nation, we the members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, believe that it is imperative to take a firm and public position on the matter; now therefore be it

Resolved, that the Massachusetts Republican State Committee condemns the concept and establishment of so-called “Sanctuary Cities” regarding illegal immigration as a dangerous domestic policy;

Resolved, that the Massachusetts Republican State Committee admonishes any and all elected officials who attempt to circumvent or violate our laws in order to benefit illegal immigrants, most especially criminal aliens, at the expense of American citizens and legal residents;

Resolved that the Massachusetts Republican State Committee asserts that the lack of enforcing our immigration laws weakens our public safety and security, and undermine our laws which form the basis of our constitutional democratic republic;

Resolved that the Governor and legislature take all steps necessary to eliminate Sanctuary Cities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts including support and passage of legislation that would deny unrestricted local aid to any municipality that fails to enforce our federal immigration laws.”

Thank you to State Committee colleagues William Gillmeister & Steve Aylward for working with me to draft the language that was ultimately adopted by an overwhelming vote of the MassGOP State Committee.


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