Good News in Worcester Election



The results are in. Joe Petty prevailed as Mayor of Worcester with 52% of the vote, while down-ticket incumbents on the school committee — Tracy Novick and Hilda Ramirez — were voted out. 

See Complete Worcester Results HERE

Petty garnered 9,973 votes to challenger Michael Gaffney’s 7,853 (as of 9:18 PM), according to the city’s website.

“Although turnout was up, the results were pretty much the same as the last two cycles.  There is a residual anti-Democratic vote in Worcester,” said Clark University political professor Robert Boatright. “Gaffney captured that vote, but although he tried out a number of issues that he might use against Petty, none of them seem to have resonated.”

Boatright elaborated on Gaffney’s approach.

“I thought his attacks were a little harsher and more personal than I’ve seen in other recent elections, but I doubt that being nicer would have helped much,” said Boatright.

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