Hillary Clinton Supports Australia-style Gun Confiscation


It’s one thing to support gun control.

It’s another to make it the centerpiece of a floundering presidential primary campaign.

But Hillary Clinton wasn’t finished when she latched onto the idea of opposing the NRA as a means of diverting the nation from the humiliating scandals and poll results plaguing her own bid to succeed Barack Obama.

First, she announced to her wealthy supporters that “the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment,” which demonstrates her opposition to the individual right to keep and bear firearms, including handguns, for self-defense.

Now, however, she’s gone even further and echoed President Obama’s references to Australian and British style gun control. “The Australian example,” she said, “that was a buyback program.” She went on to explain that the Australian government “offered a good price” for “buying hundreds of thousands of guns, and then they basically clamped down going forward … .”  They were thus able, she explained, “to curtail the supply” of guns and “to set a different standard for gun purchases in the future.”    

Today, at a town hall meeting in Keene, New Hampshire, Clinton was questioned by an audience member who noted that Australia “managed to … take away … millions of handguns, and in one year, they were all gone.” He then asked her, “Can we do that?”

She immediately responded that not just Australia but also the U.K. is “a good example” of a country responding to a “mass killing.”

 “The Australian example,” she said, “that was a buyback program.” She went on to explain that the Australian government “offered a good price” for “buying hundreds of thousands of guns, and then they basically clamped down going forward … .”  They were thus able, she explained, “to curtail the supply” of guns and “to set a different standard for gun purchases in the future.”

Here in America, she went on, “I think it would be worth considering doing it on the national level if that could be arranged.” She compared the Australian and U.K. regimes to local gun “buybacks” and to Obama’s own “cash for clunkers” program, in which Americans were offered tax credits for trading older, gas-guzzling vehicles for newer, fuel-efficient models. “So I think that’s worth considering,” Clinton said. “I don’t know enough details to tell you … how we would do it or how it would work, but certainly the Australian example is worth looking at.”

The more details you know about Australia and Great Britain, however, the more extreme Hillary’s views become.

The misnamed “buybacks” of Australia and Great Britain were nothing like the failed “cash for clunkers” program, which simply sought to update the cars Americans drove, not to ban them. They weren’t even comparable to local gun buybacks, which attempt to incentivize the voluntary surrender of guns that their owners are free in most cases to replace as they see fit. The Australian and U.K. “buybacks” were merely an attempt to mollify firearm owners whose property had been declared contraband and subject to seizure. They were, to paraphrase Vito Corleone, an offer gun owners could not refuse. 

No, the Australian and U.K. “buybacks” were merely an attempt to mollify firearm owners whose property had been declared contraband and subject to seizure. They were, to paraphrase Vito Corleone, an offer gun owners could not refuse. The owners had the “choice” to accept the money and turn the guns they had previously been forced to register (supposedly so they could keep them under grandfather provisions), or they could risk the government forcibly confiscating the guns and being sent to prison for possessing them (supposing, of course, that they survived the confiscation attempt itself).

If you own a gun now, take heed. President Obama and now Hillary Clinton finally made clear what they’re really after – national gun confiscation.

To hear Hillary’s remarks for yourself, see the video at this link: http://freebeacon.com/issues/clinton-australian-style-gun-control-worth-considering-for-u-s/.

The stakes in 2016 could not be higher when it comes to our fundamental freedom and the future of our nation.

3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Supports Australia-style Gun Confiscation

  1. Gun Control

    When someone tells me they are against gun control, I feel the need to ask them whether they feel that guns should be out of control, or are they just opposed to others controlling their guns?
    I got my first BB gun when I was about eleven. Too early I believe, in retrospect. After all, my friends and I used to go to “Stony Point” near the entrance to the Simi Valley, in California, and have BB gun wars. Yes we actually shot each other with these things. Anyone who has ever watched one of those ‘50s westerns, where the good guys and the bad guys were shotin’ it out from behind some big rocks, has seen Stony Point. Western movies were the video games of the ‘50s. Kids do try to mimic their heroes. We actually had the ability, due to our proximity, to go to the place where those movie scenes were actually shot, and shot each other.
    By the time I was sixteen, I owned a single shot .22, two shot guns, a British Enfield 303, and two handguns. I was a card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association, (NRA). All of the weapons, except for the .22, which had been given to me by my father, were purchased by a sixteen year old, who had a job bagging groceries and a checking account. All I had to do was fill out an order form, from a gun magazine, and send it off with a check. No background check required.
    I was encouraged to join the NRA by my friend Joe. Joe had a lot of guns, especially for a sixteen year old. Guns and girls were his thing. He presented the NRA to me, and several other guys, as a great organization, which supported gun ownership and taught gun safety. I was eager and glad to become a member.
    Joe used to site his high-powered rifles in on streetlights in Panorama City at night. He was proud of this. Apparently his NRA gun safety education had not taken. Apparently mine had not either, because I did not turn him in to the authorities.
    One time Joe talked us, target shooters, into going on an actual, deer hunting, trip. We did not bother with licenses, or tags. For all our NRA memberships, none of really knew how to get these. The only thing we killed was a lizard, not seeing any other “wildlife”. On the walk back to the car, Joe shot himself in the leg with his Ruger 357magnum. He was quick drawing on a bush. He survived quite well, though this might cause one to question the effectiveness of his NRA gun safety training.
    I’m now 74 years old, and have not seen or heard of Joe for many, many, many years. My guns were all stolen in the sixties, about ten years after my adventures with Joe. I had actually paid attention to the NRA safety notes, which I received in the mail now and then. They said essentially that I was responsible for my weapon, and had the responsibility of keeping it safe. They suggested that the weapons be separated from their ammunition, so as to make it more difficult to use them improperly. This I did. However, both guns and ammo were ripped off, due to the fact that I did not keep the location of the ammunition secret from everyone. To this day I know that the thief was one of five people, who used to go target shooting with me, but I do not know which one did it. They were the only people who knew exactly where both the guns and ammo. were stashed. The guns, and ammo., were stolen in a period of less than one half hour in a burglary.
    I don’t own any guns now. The reason being that I had to decide whether I was really ready to take on the responsibility of gun ownership. Clearly, I had failed in my first attempt. I had lost control of my weapons, and there is a real possibility that someone was injured or killed with one of them. I will never know, but I do know that the person who took them was a criminal. Let your imagination take it from there. Criminals, or outlaws if you will, with guns, are a dangerous situation.
    I figured out that the only way to truly control my weapons was to disable them in such a way that only I could use them. It’s fairly simple. Place the weapon in one location. Place a critical part of the weapon, (ammo. clip, boldt, etc.) in a secret place that only I know. Then place the ammo., in another secret place that only I know. I decided that it was not worth my time, so I didn’t buy any more guns. However, had I felt the desire to own guns, I would have followed these, NRA recommended, procedures.
    I believe 100 % in the right of Responsible Americans to own guns. The key word here is Responsible. The word Responsible indicates assuming responsibility. When it comes to weapons, responsibility is defined as controlling the weapon. Responsibility for a weapon is assuming responsibility for every thing, that’s everything, which happens with that weapon.
    For this reason I am proposing the “National Gun Responsibility Act” (NGRA). This act would allow any American to own any weapon they choose to. However, it would require that every weapon would be assigned a responsible owner, who would assume total responsibility for every thing that happens with that weapon. No more feral weapons. Anyone caught with a feral weapon would be severely punished.
    If a gun owner knew that, if their gun were to be used in a crime, they would be charged as an accomplice in the crime, maybe they would take the necessary measures to see to it that their weapon was secure.
    I mean no excuses. None of this, “My gun was stolen, it wasn’t my fault.” It is your fault, because you did not secure your weapon.
    Look at it this way. Suppose I was to purchase ten thousand guns, load them, and then drive around America placing them on street corners, in classrooms, in bars, in court rooms, etc., etc. If someone got killed with one of these weapons, could I say, “It wasn’t my fault, I didn’t pull the trigger”? “My gun didn’t kill that person, another person, with my gun killed that person”. If you would buy that, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.
    I don’t want my Government to deny Americans the Right to Bear Arms!
    I don’t want my Government to ban certain types of guns for cosmetic reasons, or even functional reasons.
    I don’t want my Government to do anything with regard to guns.
    I want the National Rifle Association, and all responsible American gun owners, to support the NGRA, (as yet to be written, by the NRA, and responsible gun owners). If you won’t do this, what will you do?
    Every weapon must be controlled by someone. If not responsible gun owners, who? The Government? A bunch of anti-gun activists? Who?
    So gun owners, so NRA, if you don’t do it, somebody else will.
    Take control of your weapons!
    Be Responsible Gun Owners.
    Tens of thousands of Americans are being shot every year!
    Somebody has to do something!
    If you don’t do it, somebody else will!


  2. She doesn’t care about the hole @Dwormell. Hillary is concerned with winning the primary and sees Oregon as a way to outflank Senator Bernie and gain the office she so desperately wants…


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